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Which frequency to use in USA?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Ron Bouwland, Sep 29, 2006.

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  1. Ron Bouwland

    Ron Bouwland Guest

    Hi all,

    We produce a small consumer electronic device that utilizes the 868Mhz band
    in Europe. In that band,
    we can send up to 10mW output power with a maximum of 1% duty cycle. We
    transmit continuously on
    the same frequency, but the user can make a selection out of several
    channels. For the USA, we thought
    to use the 902-927Mhz band. It turns out that we face difficulties in using
    this band, since we should either
    use frequency hopping, or reduce the output power to 0.75mW. Both solutions
    are not possible for us.
    Therefor we have to use another frequency band. Does anybody has some advice
    which frequency band
    we can use where
    - output power is at least 5mW
    - frequency hopping is not required
    - Duty cycle of at least 0.1%
    - preferably multiple channels are available

    Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks.

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