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Which alarm panel to buy for home?

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Eric B., Oct 7, 2008.

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  1. Eric B.

    Eric B. Guest


    I'm looking for recommendations as to which panel to install for my house.
    I'm doing some extensive renos, so running cable to all doors and windows is
    not a problem. My parents have a Napco system, my sister uses DSC. From my
    experience with both, I find the DSC is more DIYer-friendly, but my
    experience also dates back several years, and I no longer am up to speed
    with the latest and greatest changes that have occured.

    I am looking for the "standard" features; multi-zone control, smoke/fire, CO
    level monitoring. No need for any fancy bells and whistles, although
    wireless keyfobs and/or remote dial-in access could always be fun to add in
    the future.

    Any suggestions as to which company to start researching? Why choose one
    over another?


  2. tourman

    tourman Guest

    RHC: In case you haven't noticed, no one has responded to your
    question. The reason is, this is like asking what kind of car to
    buy !! Every installer and installing company has their favourite
    panel, and that is the one that they will recommend based on their
    knowledge of and experience with that particular line of panels. For
    example (and not recommending one over the other), I use and install
    DSC but wouldn't know a Napco product if it fell off the shelf and hit
    me on the head. So of the two, which one would I be more likely to

    Nuff your research but when you do choose a make and
    model, try to stay away from wireless stuff !
  3. Jim

    Jim Guest

    You might want to note that the above poster has just broken his own

    Although he doesn't install wireless and therefore wouldn't have
    gained the experience necessary to install wireless, he nevertheless
    advises you to stay away from it based solely on the fact that end
    users who have it installed by people who don't know how to install
    it ...... are the ones who have problems with wireless.

    I don't install wireless exclusively but I've been installing it since
    the "better" systems first started to be offered in the late 70's. I
    can install a wireless system that doesn't have any more problems than
    a wired system ..... because I know how. Wireless is seemingly easy to
    install to the inexperienced but it's what you don't know that will
    get you. There are protocols and procedures that must be followed to
    insure that the signals are being transmitted and received properly
    within the protected area. However ........... if you CAN avoid using
    wireless, it is adviseable that you do so. Reasons being that the
    technical learning curve to do a trouble free wireless system can be
    difficult as compared to learning the physical methods of doing a
    wired system. The greatest problem with wireless, even after it's
    installed properly is the changing of the batteries periodically and
    the cost of the batteries. Other than that, a wireless system is
    completely transparent. In other words you wouldn't know you had a
    wireless system except for the battery issue ..... and of course, the
    visability of the transmitters on the doors and windows. But ...... ya
    don't have to run the wires throughout the house. That's the REAL
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