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Which AC adapter for JVC Wireless Headphones

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by DaveyJane, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. DaveyJane

    DaveyJane Guest

    What VOLTAGE did this HA-w100RF JVC transmitter require??
    I have a pair of wireless headphones. HA-W100RF. This is the model
    with a base and vertical bar (antenna) that supports the headphones,
    recharges the batteries in the headphones when they are not in use,
    and sends the audio via RF about 150 feet to the headphones via 924
    MHz fm modulated. Quite similar to the HA-W1000RF 900Mhz cordless,
    but with a different stand.
    It's basically a transmitter with audio input, and headphones with
    volume controls. The set is complete except for the power supply
    (wall wort). To repair these I would require the voltage for the 110V
    black box (ac adapter). The transmitter is powered by this adapter,
    the headphones use AA batteries.

    What VOLTAGE did this JVC transmitter require??

    If you have a pair of these could you reply to the newsgroup with
    the data printed on your JVC ac adaptor. The voltage and maybe even
    the maximum milliamps.
    There were not enough of these sold, and they are not available any
    longer, for this data to be found in the newsgroups or on the web.
    Even ebay sales are very low. Maybe one pair every season or so.
    None, as of this week, and the past several weeks data is all ebay
    gives access to.
    One photo of a recent sale had the wall wort in the photo and i
    couldn't get the voltage from the photo even after using software to
    enlarge it, clean it up, and sharpen it.

    Thanks, in advance, for your assistance, if you own, or used to own,
    or repair, or have access to manuals for this model. Daveyjane.
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