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Where's the LAND????

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Redmondite, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. "The difference between the Americans and the English is that the
    English think 100 miles is a long distance and the Americans think 100
    years is a long time."
  2. Guest

    What areas of Texas would you recommend?
    Hmm...... yeah..... not a bad area.

    Ive also been looking at areas south of Ft Worth

    Tell me....any jobs in the La Grange area?

  3. News

    News Guest

    The average mileage in the USA and the UK is about the same though.
  4. No One

    No One Guest

    I can do London to Manchester in 3 hours - 200 miles. I can't think of
    I wouldn't think so and would need to see the studies showing this. But if
    true my thoughts would be it because:

    Lack of or non-use of public transport in the US. How many people in the US
    drive 5-10 miles to work compared to the number of people in UK who take the

    The difference in the number of autos. If in a week a family drives 80
    miles with one car and 10 miles with a second and the third sits in the
    drive that week you get 90 miles driven by 3 cars which winds up to 30
    miles/car/week. If you add in motorhomes and motorcycles which are driven
    very few miles a year you muck things up even more.

    I'm a fair example. We have two trucks, a car, a minivan and two
    motorcycles that are street legal and in the average week I'd say we drive a
    total of about 360 miles (I figured closer to 350 but 360 makes the math
    easier). So you take 360 miles and divide it by 6 vehicles you get 60
    miles/vehicle/week. Yet the minivan actually drives about 300 of those
    miles and one of the trucks the other 60. Using the number of vehicles
    driven and the miles you get 180 miles/vehicle/week or three times the first
  5. News

    News Guest

    1/3 of them live in Sydney.
  6. hoot

    hoot Guest

    METRIC = Of or Pertaining to the METER or METRIC SYSTEM

    Units are what *YOU* are unsure of.
    SI (ess-eye) units are the units used within the metric system.
    Neither Acres or Feet are SI units nor are they metric.

    Clearly you don't want to adopt the common use, you want the one
    that has been around the longest. Common to you, maybe, but outdated
    and cumbersome the majority of the population of the rest of the world.
    (To find the rest of the world just go to any US border and keep going)

    This site helps put a few thing straight.

  7. hoot

    hoot Guest

    Bravo... Roger Gt, You're the best.
    You just keep on doing the math, but don't forget to adopt the common use.

  8. hoot

    hoot Guest

    BTW the conversion of 43560 square feet (or an acre) comes to
    4046.85 meters, whitch Ben Simons had pretty darn close...
    So, there was no difficulty and you wren't just doing the math
    you were just being a know all... what was it...? DORK!
  9. hoot

    hoot Guest

    Hehe... you're a classic.
    Why was it again that *you* got involved?

    43560square feet to the acre was never in question.
    Your original post made it out to be 4071.6556 square meters.
    Which is wrong. But maybe it was the conversion tables fault.
  10. hoot

    hoot Guest

    Now you're just trying to hurt my feelings.
  11. Ben Simons

    Ben Simons Guest

    Ho,Ho,hooo....Guys, just calm down. It' wasn't my intention to wake up so
    much reaction about this...

    Let's talk about land again.
  12. hoot

    hoot Guest

    Ha, I was getting to you Ben... you big trouble maker.

    I recently purchased 45 hectares (approx 110 acres) about an hour and forty
    drive from Sydney for 150K (about 100K US). It's Rough steep country covered
    with trees and sandstone, no power no water 4wd access and about an hour
    the coast. But very much out of sight out of mind when it comes to
    Close enough to commute to work until i don't have to anymore, but far
    enough away to feel like i'm out of the city.
    There are still bargains to be had here in oz but you've got to get much
    further out
    of the cities and away from the coast to find them.

  13. News

    News Guest

    20 million is Auss. More like 17 18 million, unless they have allowed ,mass
    immigration from the far east lately. The population was always about the
    size of Greater London.
  14. Ben Simons

    Ben Simons Guest

    Ok, you have won. I have to whip away tears in my face....45 hectares for
  15. News

    News Guest

    Most places in Auss the house height is limited the tallest trees. And many
    of the trees are not high. With 45 hectares you can build one hell of a one
    floor north facing passive solar house. What are temperatures in winter? I
    know Melbourne can get pretty cold.
  16. News

    News Guest

    What is the area of Oregon and its population? A small population in 4%,
    may be a lot of land.
  17. Ten80

    Ten80 Guest

    Nah, Melbourne doesn't get real cold - a few months of the year you're in
    with a fair chance of waking up to a frost - Last winter it dropped below 0
    degrees C only 9 times. I don't call that very cold :)
    I just got a 5 acre block in the Western Districts, an hour from Geelong,
    Ballarat and Warrnambool for $12k (AU $), with a 50 X 20m, 6m high shed on
    it, right on the edge of town. Town water, power and phone are there for the
    connecting, running under/above the front gate!
    Now I just gotta sell my little house in Melbourne and GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyone wanna buy a house in Melbourne??? :)
    Good luck with finding what you're after.
  18. That is a complete load of crap about the house height being limited to the
    tallest trees in Australia.

    Where do you pick up all this crap you like to spout about Australia from?

    Thankfully you are not another whinging bloody pommie bastard in Australia.

    You can always tell when a plane load of pommie tourists arrive at Melbourne
    airport, as the whine continues long after the jet engines have shut down.
  19. hoot

    hoot Guest

    Yes building height restrictions are often related to tree height but we do
    have plenty of good tall trees. My block is covered in native Eucalypts and
    plenty of them are well over 100 feet.
    The local council actively encourages passive solar design and is also quite
    approachable on the subject of alternate building methods (mudbrick, hay
    bale etc.)The biggest hurdle to building
    permission is compliance with the Bush Fire Safety regulations.
    Winter Temps...? Be lucky to get below freezing more than 10 times a year,
    if that. Maybe a little bit warmer on average than Melbourne due to the
    higher latitude, but keeping cool is much more of an issue than keeping
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