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Where to 'go', where to look ???

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by 0_Qed, May 16, 2005.

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  1. 0_Qed

    0_Qed Guest

    Been a lurker all the 'while' ... learning. :)

    I have a good friend who owns a 94 Alfa 164 V6 with
    per plug , individual spark coils ... coil_s_ on '6'.

    'She' needs at least one(1) replacement coil .
    Replacement 'coils' are hen's teeth ...
    too expensive, even if found ... $150USD each.

    Now the question ...

    Is there a 'way' to determine *if* another Margue's plug_coils
    will function electrically ?
    Toyota ... Camry V6 , Avalon V6/8
    Audi ...

    I suspect 'so', but dont really know.
    The problem of mechanical mounting can be overcome ...
    will_power and BIG 24 oz hammer_tures.

    the "?alt_equivalent_part?" prim/sec coil resistances were in the ball
    park ,
    the "Igniter" feed voltage to the coil(s) was 12vdc ...
    mite "that" be an indictor of substitution_ability ???

    I'm reasonably sure that the Toy Camry V6 per_plug_coils are 12vdc
    all 6 coils feed from a =single= "Igniter" module for both V6 cyl banks
    no idea whats "in" the module.

    The Alfa I'm not so sure ...
    I suspect 12vdc 'feed' tho.
    Added that there are two(2) "Igniter" modules , one per bank on the
    '164' V6.
    I dont even wannna =guess= at thier replacement cost .
    Then too, theres an 'ECU' under the dash ... ;_(

    I'd be extremely appreciative of =any= advisories ... pointers ...
    as to "how" to look for the 'coil' substitutes.

    BTW ...
    The '164' is an over_apholstered, speedy, 4 dr Italian "family" sedan ,
    Dealerships long "gone' from USA environs .

  2. 0_Qed

    0_Qed Guest

    Both 'availability' and 'cost' are considerations.
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