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Where to get sensor contacts?

Discussion in 'Sensors and Actuators' started by Blu, Dec 22, 2016.

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  1. Blu


    Dec 22, 2016
    Hi, I'm currently working on a project to monitor bioelectrical signals and I need some sensor contacts (I presume that's what they're called, as in the part of a sensor actually in contact with something, in this case the skin of the user) and I have absolutely no clue where to get them from. Standard medical electrodes are far too large for my project, any ideas of where to get something a lot smaller and preferably square?
    (I live in the UK by the way)

  2. hevans1944

    hevans1944 Hop - AC8NS

    Jun 21, 2012
    You could try to make your own electrodes using the snap connectors on a defunct "transistor radio" battery. Just use a pair of diagonal cutters to peel away the soft metal jacket holding the contacts in place. Discard everything else. The contacts should lift right out and you can then use the metal on the bottom as your "sensor" electrode. Here's a link in case you can't see the image below:


    You will want to cut the paper or plastic between the male and female snap contacts so you only have one contact, using the other contact as a removable connector for whatever signal wiring you are using. Of course you will need at least two pair of these to sense any "bioelectrical" signals such as EEG, EKG, EMG, etc. You will also need some electrode paste to apply between the skin and the electrode. Possibly make your own.

    Good luck amplifying, filtering, and making sense out of the signals you will see. Skin potentials are fraught with interference from myoelectric potentials, nearby power line wiring, and (probably) the phase of the moon. Isolation amplifiers are mandatory to protect the subject wearing the electrodes from stray currents. Battery operation of electronics is highly recommended.
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  3. Externet


    Aug 24, 2009
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  4. Blu


    Dec 22, 2016
    Thank you!
  5. Blu


    Dec 22, 2016
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