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where to get help with small engine, tractor repair?

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Scott Willing, Sep 22, 2004.

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  1. Hey y'all,

    I know this group fairly frequently gets into genset/genset repair
    discussions, but I wanted to pose some questions about an old Case
    garden tractor and its Kohler engine which seems fully O.T. Went
    looking for a more appropriate n.g. thinking I'd find something like and/or Not on my
    news server, that's for sure.

    Suggestions? Or would anyone be prepared to entertain some questions

  2. George  Ghio

    George Ghio Guest

    Ring Kohler direct for motor info. Very helpful people.

  3. Phil

    Phil Guest

    Some knowledgeable people at
  4. Now, there's an idea. *I'm* usually the one giving this advice.

    Permit me to say "duh." :)

  5. Yeah, I ran across some postings via dejanews, but my ISP doesn't
    carry this group(!!) I've put in a request for same.

    Thanks Phil,
  6. Guest

    rec crafts metalworking is poretty good, as long as the engine is made
    of metal.
  7. And very responsive to email requests as well, as it turns out.

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