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Where to find shielded hookup cable?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Don Kuenz, Sep 6, 2012.

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  1. Don Kuenz

    Don Kuenz Guest

    Does anyone know where to procure, or have a SKU, for shielded, single
    conductor, flexible, "hand solderable", cable to connect a PCB to 3.5mm
    jacks on a front panel?

    The top cable in shows what's needed. The
    bottom cable shows a slightly larger "26 AWG guitar hookup cable" using
    eBay parlance. Presumably the 26 AWG of the larger, stiffer cable on
    the bottom refers to its innermost stranded signal wire? So, perhaps
    what's needed is a 28 AWG audio hookup cable?

    Days of googling produced nothing conclusive.

  2. Don Kuenz

    Don Kuenz Guest

    Thanks, but 50 ohm coax is too big, too stiff, and too "spec" for my
    simpler needs (see below).
    Carrying a low (ie line) voltage audio signal. Used inside of indoor
    electronic equipment. Leakage and impedance not all that critical.
    The main thing is to connect an audio signal and its ground to a jack
    on a front panel. Hand solderable using Weller soldering station.

    Unfortunately, my sample cable, shown at the top in the photo,
    contains no markings on the outer jacket.
  3. Wanderer

    Wanderer Guest


    $65 for 100 feet, 26AWG stranded inner conductor (copper covered
    steel), 0.11 inch outer diameter.

  4. And the trouble with plain old twisted pair is...?

    works for cat6.

    Many thanks,

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  5. Don Kuenz

    Don Kuenz Guest

    This should do the trick. The price can't be beat either.
  6. Don Kuenz

    Don Kuenz Guest

    It will be interesting to see how well this works. I'll give it a try
    while waiting for the RG-174 to arrive. Thanks for the idea.
  7. And it's sturdier than a lot of "audio cable" I've seen.

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