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Where to buy large analog current & voltage meters for education lab ?

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Will, Apr 13, 2004.

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  1. Will

    Will Guest

    We are looking for large analog meters that can be used with young students
    to learn about electricity, voltage and current.

    Seems like I remember seeing them with terminals for banana plugs or finger
    tightening wires to the meter.

    I did a quick Google but didn't see what I was looking for.

    Does anyone here have any idea's?

  2. Guest

  3. Greetings.

    Triplett ( still makes the meters you are describing.
    You might wish to look around their web site, or you can use the
    following link to go directly to their "G/P Portable Instruments"
    ( The suggested retail
    price for the meters ranges between $88 - $139, however you would need
    to purchase the meters from one of their (remaining) distributors, who
    might be able to offer you a discount.

    Your friendly neighborhood meter shop might be able to offer you other
    choices, too. If you don't have a friendly neighborhood meter shop,
    you could try (the web site has no useful
    information other than their address & phone number).

    Happy shopping!

    Richard Kanarek
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