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Where to buy IrDA transceiver module

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Greg, Nov 23, 2003.

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  1. Greg

    Greg Guest


    I am hoping to build a small device to plug into the TTL data port of
    a Garmin GPS receiver which will emit IrDA data to a Palm PDA which
    uses IrDA. I have searched the internet and have found some devices
    which I think will do the job but I cannot find where to buy them. I
    think I am needing a HSDL1000 or perhaps a TFDS4x00. If I understand
    correctly, these devices will take serial data at 9600 N 8 1 for
    instance, and simply shape the "high" level to 3/16 the width of a bit
    at that bps rate and continue to send infrared pulses at that data
    rate as long as the input signal remains high. Then when the input
    data signal goes lo the IrDA module emits nothing.

    At any rate, my problem is locating a source where I can buy these
    components. I have tried Digikey and All Electronics and MCM with no
    luck. TIA for any advice.

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