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Where to buy inexpensive oscilloscope probes?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Michael, May 2, 2007.

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  1. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Hi - the probes for my Tektronix 2215A ( 2 channel 60MHz analog scope)
    are starting to fail. I was just looking online and most probes seem
    to be cost more than my scope. I feel like cheaper, but adequate,
    probes should be around. Any suggestions? Best I've been able to find
    was $51 for some an off brand 100MHz probe that looked mediocre.


  2. Better deals are often available from eBay. I went looking
    for an example for you, but ended up buying them, myself.

    Fortunately, more are available:
  3. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Hi John - those look like off brand probes. Do you think that's a
    problem? The price is definitely great!


  4. GregS

    GregS Guest

    or a deluxe

    I was going to look at Jameco, but I think not.
  5. Hawker

    Hawker Guest

    Lately I have found it is worth it to spring for the Tek Probes. But if
    your requirements are not great I totally understand not wanting to
    spend the $$$.
    I have found the best mid grade probes to come from ProbeMaster
    I have ordered direct in the past, but you can get them though various
    vendors as well.
    I have used the 4900 series with good results. I have not tried 5900 and
    the 3900 looked cheap to me, but a kit of 3 with adapters for $99 looks
    like a great deal. The 4900 series version is $139.

    If you have a tek scope you probably want the Readout Actuator option so
    the scope will know if it is a x10 probe.
  6. They may well be off brand copies of Tektronix P6000 probes,
    but they have the same specs and look just like them.

    It is curious that they specify the part number but not the
  7. BFoelsch

    BFoelsch Guest

    I have spent a long time looking for good probes, and the results are pretty

    1. Nothing beats a real Tek probe.

    2. For mid priced garden variety probes, Probemaster is about the best I
    have found. Excellent mechanically and good electrically. Not a terrific
    range of probes, but great accessories. Excellent customer service, too.
    Made and designed in the US.

    3. For more unusual apps, the PMK probes are very good electrically, nearly
    as good as the Tek, but are very cheesy. Accessories can be a problem, as
    with all imports.

    4. Anything without a brand name is a crap shoot at best.

    Haven't tried the ones Popelish recommends, maybe I'll get a set just for
  8. D from BC

    D from BC Guest


    I got my 100Mhz probes at Ebay..

    I think I paid $15.00US.
    D from BC
  9. JM

    JM Guest

    Take a look at
    I am happy with the replacement for my flakey old Tek probe, good value for

  10. Hawker

    Hawker Guest

    Ones again someone says exactly what I mean to say, but better written.
    I agree 100%

  11. john jardine

    john jardine Guest

  12. I've had no quality problems but not all are X1 X10 so ask first.
  13. I tried some aftermarket probes and I don't think they're worth a
    nickel. The probes on the Tek DSO are expensive to buy ($300+) but are
    not bad to repair. The 1 meter cable was $28, the clip-on was about $6
    and new ground leads around $10. The probe is essentially new for <
    $50. Test equipment you can't trust isn't worth having IMO.

  14. Guest

    I haven't yet tested these probes, but they look like very nice Korean
    copies of Tek probes, The eBay seller very carefully turns them so
    that you cannot see the seller's label in any of the pictures. They
    are branded Yang Xun. Mine didn't come with a spec sheet, but this
    looks like the manufacturer's description:
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