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Where to buy flux in a bottle?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Michael, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Hi there - A friend of mine used to always have flux in a bottle that
    had a nice needle tip dispenser. I found it much more useful than a
    flux pen. I found bottles like that at Stanley Supply - but I can't
    seem to find flux in a bottle. I am currently using Kester no clean
    flux, so I'd like to find something as close to that as possible
    (though as far as I can tell Kester does not sell flux in bottles -
    only in pens). Any suggestions? Thanks!

  2. Charles

    Charles Guest

    Is this of any help?
  3. D from BC

    D from BC Guest

    I have the Kester pens. I can hear the liquid splashing inside when
    it's shaked.
    Maybe get the pens and just drain them.
    On one occasion, I was tempted to clip off a pen, drain it and put the
    flux in a syringe.
    D from BC
  4. mpm

    mpm Guest

    I must be using the "hybrid" approach.?
    I buy the flux in a little glass jar, and then pour some of that into
    a small plastic bottle that has a needle dispensing style tip. Works
  5. whit3rd

    whit3rd Guest

    You need to find an industrial supplier; Newark Electronics, for
    has seven types of Kester flux available by the gallon. I've even
    seen gallons of flux at the grocery store (Fry's, in bay area,
    a decade or more ago).
  6. D from BC

    D from BC Guest

    Mmmm deep fried flux fries :)
    D from BC
  7. Barry Lennox

    Barry Lennox Guest

    I have bought Multicore RMA flux in a 200mL plastic bottle. IIRC, it
    was also available in 1 litre jugs, and it was Farnell selling it.

  8. Leon

    Leon Guest

    Warton Metals sells gel flux in a syringe, it's very useful.

  9. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Something like this?

    Second hit of "about 55,800 for "liquid flux". (0.11 seconds)"

    I wish you googlegroupies would learn to use google search before
    just charging in and asking stupid questions.

  10. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    My Dad (RIP) used to tell stories about his job at the Hormel packing
    plant (Austin, MN) when he was a kid. One of his jobs was to put rubber
    bands around the snouts of hog carcasses which were about to be dipped
    in rosin to have their bristles pulled out, kinda like a whole-pig wax
    job. ;-)

    I once used some liquid flux on my fingers to get some grip while tying
    waxed lacing cord inside an airplane fuselage (which are all saturated
    with oily crud).

  11. Charles

    Charles Guest

    Rosin is well known for increasing grip.
  12. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Yes, thanks. That's why I used it - I just slopped some on my fingers
    and let it dry. This stuff smelled pretty pleasant - kinda piney-fresh(tm).

  13. D from BC

    D from BC Guest

  14. Charles

    Charles Guest

    I think it comes from pine sap.
  15. That's why musicians put rosin on their bows, AFAIUI, and athletes
    might use a rosin bag to increase their grip on a ball or whatever.

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
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