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Where to buy components?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Suraj Singh, Aug 24, 2004.

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  1. Suraj Singh

    Suraj Singh Guest

    I have a touch lamp 3-way dimmer which I wanted to repair. I found
    that it uses BT134 Triac which have shorted and lamp remains on all
    the time.

    I tried to find Triac in RadioShack (New Jersey) but could not find

    Can anybody please suggest me where to buy components. I could find
    some online stores which are good for bulk buying. I am looking for
    stores for buying components in small quantities for hobby purposes. I
    am new to component buying in USA, please help?


  2. Tim Schwartz

    Tim Schwartz Guest


    In addition to the 2 companies the other poster mentioned I would add:, good general purpose repair parts source for a
    lot of consumer goods. Prices usually reasonable, minimum order not too

    Alas, while there used to be several good electronics parts suppliers
    in northern New Jersey and in New York City, they have all gone out of
    business over the last 20 years, but if you find one, please let me

    Tim Schwartz
    Bristol Electronics
  3. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Radio Shack sells a suitable triac, it won't have the same number on it but
    it'll work.
  4. I don't know where in NJ you are located, but you can try Master's
    Electronic supply on Colfax Street in Raritan. I don't have a phone #
    but you can look it up. They were still in business as of Dec. 03.
    I bought some parts there when I went up to NJ to visit my relatives for
    Chirstmas. They wouldn't carry the exact part number Triac, but would
    be able to cross ref. it to an NTE/ECG/SK replacement.

  5. Bob Shuman

    Bob Shuman Guest

    I've repaired two of these touch lamp 3-way dimmers over the last 5 years
    (two different lamps) and both times it was the electrolytic capacitors that
    had gone out of spec. Just an FYI to make sure the problem is really with
    the triac before you search for the replacement.

    Good luck!

  6. Suraj Singh

    Suraj Singh Guest

    Thanks to all who replied! Well I live in Sayreville. This weekend I
    am going to try out any available TRIAC with Radio Shack with a
    voltage rating of 300V or more even 200V will do with little risk.

    When I opened the little box in the base of lamp physically circuit
    looked fine, no burn out. next I found the schemetic on google and my
    suspission was no TRIAC. I do not have a multimeter with me so I
    carried out a little experiment to make sure the TRIAC is faulty. I
    just disconnected the Gate and left it floating in the air, plugged in
    the lamp in supply and the bulb was on. To further make sure (in case
    TRIAC is tooooo sensitive) I tied the Gate with Cathode, bulb was
    still on, it means the gate has lost control.

    I knew this happens with SCRs and TRIACs as I have used them while
    designing my own solid state relays, light operated porch lamp and
    clap switch.

    I will try to put a pre-amplifier and a condenser mic to make this
    lamp clap operated along with the touch.... but thats the next step.
  7. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    One thing I forgot, I don't think the Radio Shack triacs have the tab
    isolated from the center pin, so if it mounts to a non-isolated heatsink
    (like the casing of the dimmer) you should use a mica insulator. Wouldn't
    hurt to check the triac to see if it is isolated though..
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