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Where to buy Caps?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by alpha_uma, Jul 1, 2004.

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  1. alpha_uma

    alpha_uma Guest

    I need 20 capacitors with the following specs. Does anyone know where to buy
    them--preferably in N America? DigiKey does not have them (confirmed by
    their technical support). I don't see anything close in Ebay either:

    3300 microfarads
    rated at least 16V and 105degC
    diameter 10mm, height 25mm, lead spacing 5mm

    Thanks for any pointers.
  2. alpha_uma

    alpha_uma Guest

    Sorry, forgot to mention: electrolytic
  3. PJ

    PJ Guest

    Here's 10 of them. Mabe the guy has more....Paul
  4. alpha_uma

    alpha_uma Guest

    Thanks. I saw that too. I found out from the fellow that these have 12mm
    diameters. I may be able to use only 4 of the 10. I am still looking for
    ones with 10mm diameters.
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