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Where to buy 74HC9046?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Tim Shoppa, Apr 21, 2005.

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  1. Tim Shoppa

    Tim Shoppa Guest

    I've heard much talk over the past decade in s.e.d of the Philips-made
    74HC9046 improvement on the 74HC4046 PLL, but my favorite web search
    tools come up quite empty when trying to find the datasheet or a
    distributor. The website is
    phenomenally unusable, but if someone can ferret out the URL for a PDF
    of the datasheet I'd appreciate it.

  2. Genome

    Genome Guest

    I think you might be stuffed. I tried the easy one of typing 74HC9046 into
    the search facility and got the two hits you got. Perhaps it's a typo.

    Pass me your space suit and I'll fart into it. :)

  3. Fred Bartoli

    Fred Bartoli Guest

    Yep, I've done the same search some time ago, but finally found that the
    circuit is an HCT device and doesn't come into the HC flavor.

    I recall having hard time to find a distro at a decent price. Do you have
    found one?
  4. Doesn't look so encouraging. Future lists it, at $1.38 in one-reel
    lot, and "call for availability".

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  5. Tim Shoppa

    Tim Shoppa Guest

    Yep, I've done the same search some time ago,
    Well, we all know that it's really an analog part :).

    74HCT9046 works much better for the search, thanks! Arrow and Avnet
    have stock in SOIC, I'd rather have DIP for my playing around but I'll
    try whatever I can get my hands on.

  6. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Hello Tim,
    My old rule: If Digikey doesn't have it (it seems they don't) then it's
    most likely a "boutique chip". Meaning it might become unobtainable out
    of the blue. Then I'd do my darndest to use a lesser but more ubiquitous
    performer and make it perform via a compensation loop or whatever. At
    least if it was a design for mass production.

    Regards, Joerg
  7. I tried to find darndest in my dictionary but no luck. I think it's

    Nowadays I've read where frequency agile devices such as cellphones use
    PLL circuits that operate in the GHz, but I don't know if these are
    custom circuits just for cellphones or what. In any case, prescalers
    seem to work.
  8. I read in that "Watson A.Name - \"Watt Sun, the
    It's slang, and I think the 'darndest' spelling is customary.
    'Darnedest' is either a lexicographer's wet dream or the superlative of
    the adjective 'darned', as in 'old sock'.
  9. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Google won't 'define:' either one, nor will Kdict - but just a POOGS gets
    34,600 hits on "darnedest" and 152,000 on "darndest". Art Linkletter
    spelled it without the 'e' in "Kids say the darndest things", as did Cosby
    when he copied him.

  10. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Hello Watson,
    Mountain speak, closely related to "dang!", something I try to avoid.
    That was particularly difficult when I laid tile and hit my head on a
    lava rock wall.
    It's mostly custom but you can get devices for WLAN use. They are often
    overkill and too expensive for an application that is content with the
    frequency range of a 4046. Sometimes I made PLLs using regular CMOS
    inverters. That squishes out a few more cents versus a 4046 design and
    the remaining gates can be rented out. A lot more MHz, too.

    Regards, Joerg
  11. It's a neutered version of "damndest",

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  12. Dav Lag

    Dav Lag Guest

    inverters? wow, none of my googling would reveal that design
  13. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Hello Dave,
    Some of the really rock-bottom cost solutions are done either in house
    or by consultants like me. Most likely these designs won't ever show up
    on the web because of confidentiality.

    However, you may find clever solutions on ham radio sites. Don't know
    about PLLs but a good start might be the site of the late Jan-Martin, a
    fellow participant in this newsgroup who died much too young:

    Sites like this a full of ideas.

    Sometimes even folks who turn every penny during a design can be
    floored: A long time ago I bought an audio RF clipper. Naturally I had
    to look inside and it consisted mostly of ordinary 4000 series CMOS
    logic used in analog functions. Yet this thing works so great that it
    even impressed a friend who tried it on his E-guitar. He said that their
    $1000 plus stuff doesn't sound this good.

    Regards, Joerg
  14. Pooh Bear

    Pooh Bear Guest

    I'm astonished at that comment. I find it a model of clarity. Never ever
    had the slightest trouble finding what I wanted there.

    I can't find any reference to a 74hc9046. Where did you get the part
    number ?

  15. Pooh Bear

    Pooh Bear Guest

    Did you mean 74HC7046 ?

  16. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    I didn't find it totally unusable, but it is bloated with images, and
    those javascript menus are supremely annoying.

  17. mc

    mc Guest

    I think it was actually ascertained that what they meant was 74HCT9046 with
    some suffix.
  18. Fred Abse

    Fred Abse Guest

    Throws up errors by the shedload, too. Are there *any* Javascript pages
    out there that work properly with non- M$ browsers?
  19. Tim Shoppa

    Tim Shoppa Guest

    I find it a model of clarity.
    My frustration was largely because a search on the Philips website
    turned up two hits on 74HC9046 but neither of them were useful for
    anything. In fact, the part number is 74HCT9046, and that search
    yields useful results.

    As others have noted, the website is a bit graphics-heavy and
    Javascript-buggy, but I worked around those difficulties without a lot
    of pain. I prefer, say, the TI or NatSemi websites for a lot of
    things, but even those have their quirks.

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