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Where do engineers go to browse VLSI chips ???

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Ghazan Haider, Jul 10, 2003.

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  1. Hi, I'm an amateur designer and was wondering, if theres a central
    forum where manufacturers and engineers converge to find their ideal
    chips, adapters with the right prices. Is there an online forum, or
    organization for it? Or do they all just hire consultants who browse
    the web directories for semiconductor makers, ask them for quotes and

    If you needed to browse chips of a certain functionality, apart from
    newsgroups and google, where would you head?

  2. I tend to do the evaluations myself.
    Regard it as being part of the trade.
    What chip are you after ?

  3. What chip are you after ?

    I was evaluating 32-bit ARM-based SoCs for running Linux, Ive settled
    on the EP7312 now. Theres the search for DRAM chips, flash, adapters
    for LQFP to DIP(or evaluation boards), ethernet chips (maybe the
    rtl8019 will do), LCDs (the cheapest 320x240 or 640x480 black n
    white), tokenring chipsets if they still exist, OEM compactflashes in
    bulk, bluetooth and 802.11b interfaces etc.

    The search for the ARM soc took me about a month of checking reviews,
    datasheets and emailing the companies asking for 1K unit prices and
    sample prices. So I figured surely engineers would have a centralized
    database like the IC Master or Chipdir for passive analog electronics
    to search, and companies in their best interest would post their data
    in a similar yellow pages type directory. I still doubt every
    engineering group goes through the datasheets of every available chip
    and wait for the price quotes for a few days in email. I must be
    missing something.
  4. David Hart

    David Hart Guest

    From my home-page, try the following (and let me know if they are still
    active and usefull):

    1) Datasheet Locator is a free electronic engineering tool that enables
    you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component
    manufacturers worldwide. If you already know the manufacturer, this is
    an excellent way to browse datasheets for either semiconductor
    companies or component makers.

    2) FindChips aims to perform the fastest, most complete distributor
    search available today on the internet. After you enter a part number
    (or substring), will simultaneously query over 20
    distributors, and return the responses to you in real time, in the
    order completed.

    3) Free Trade Zone is Partminer's answer for researching components,
    shopping for them online. Includes Research, Find, Quote, Buy/Sell
    capabilities. Subscription fee, I can't remember how much. Some
    services are "free", others available through "demo" programs. This is
    likely to be just what you are looking for, if you can afford it.

    4) Electronic Engineer's Master is the worlds's largest database of
    electronic manufacturers and products.

    I hope this helps

  5. Hey thanks a million. The site was especially useful and
    Ive found most of the ICs I needed.
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