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Where Can I Get an Older Duracell Two Battery Flashlight?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by W. eWatson, Nov 28, 2009.

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  1. W. eWatson

    W. eWatson Guest

    I've been buying Subject flashlights for years, but they seem either
    discontinued or scarce. The one I buy is about 5x2.5x0.75", squarish,
    orangish trim around the light and a dark (black) handle. One of the
    things I've liked about them is that the boxy design allow you to put it
    in your mouth and point it while having hands free.
  2. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Have you ever considered one of those head lamps?

    they now come in LED form which work nicely and use less energy and
    maybe safer than taking a chance of getting one of those stuck in your
  3. W. eWatson

    W. eWatson Guest

    I have three, but like the old ones for just ordinary use.
  4. W. eWatson

    W. eWatson Guest

    See my post above a minute ago. Yes, I like the LED too. However, for
    other purposes, I've liked the ones I'd like to find. Maybe Duracell has
    a web site. Maybe they have an LED version? :)
  5. W. eWatson

    W. eWatson Guest

  6. W. eWatson

    W. eWatson Guest

    I tried sending the msg below to you directly, but it failed. Ah, maybe
    I missed the (at)

    I called Duracell and they no longer make them.
    Thanks for the offer. but, if you have three, then I'd like to purchase
  7. W. eWatson

    W. eWatson Guest

    Well, Ive tried a number of combos, but think I see my mistake, so I'll
    do the private post soon.
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