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where can I find....

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Paul Rhodes, Apr 11, 2005.

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  1. Paul Rhodes

    Paul Rhodes Guest

    Dear All,
    I hope that someone will be able to advise me where I can find some software
    that will turn my circuit diagram into a fully fledged board ready to got to
    the manufacturers with. I am just starting out in business for myself and do
    not want to spend any money on this if that's at all possible.
    Many Thanks
  2. Guest

    There is no package that will automatically go from schematic to PCB,
    but there are plenty that will make the process of designing a PCB
    easier. Google for the word "EDA" (electronic design automation).
    There's hundreds of tools out there, unfortunately, most cost thousands
    of dollars. However, a number of cheap and free ones are pretty good.
    For strictly PCB design, Eagle is the choice of many, the light version
    is free and lets you work with PCBs up to 10cm x 8cm.


  3. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Hi, Mr. Rhodes. Terry Pinnel (a frequent contributor) has a page
    listing low cost or free CAD packages available.­errypin/ECADList.html

    The feature you think you want is called an autorouter.

    There is so much more to going from a circuit design to a good-to-go
    board than just using an autorouting utility. The software you
    actually need hasn't been written yet, and probably never will. You
    may want to avail yourself of the services of an engineer who will
    guarantee that you will get from design through manufacture, and who
    will be able to prove that your design works and has been implemented
    properly (the fully fledged part).

    Good luck
  4. Guest

    Yahoo has a group called FreePCB where you can get good help and a pretty
    fair PCB layout package for no charge.

    Tinycad at has a schematic capture program to go along
    with FreePCB.

    Eagle PCB has products that are free with a limited number of pins and

    You can use one of several dedicated packages whereing the vendor gives
    you the sch and pcb software which outputs files that are non-standard
    that you send to them and they return you 3 or 4 PCBs, limits on the size,
    and stuff like that. and even are two companies who provide

    Good luck,

  5. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    software that will turn my circuit diagram

    EAGLE (limited version) is free--but not to a biz.

    There are some free fab-house-specific apps
    that lock you into a particular board house.

    If you want free and full-function without vendor lock-in,
    it's an open source app (Linux, Windows + wine, or Windoze):
  6. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    FreePCB / Tinycad
    OK. Apt for his use.

    Wrong on both counts.
    The Cadsoft freeware licence does not cover commercial use.
    The free version is limited, but not by the parameters you noted.

    Correction to my previous post: Should be
    **Linux, Windows + CygWin, or Windoze**.
    JB has itemized the Windoze stuff.
  7. Guest

    I guess I missed the part where the request was for commercial use. Where
    did that happen?
    Call a cop....
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