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Where can I find a PAL with SR latch ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by :-), Jan 6, 2006.

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  1. :-)

    :-) Guest

    Hi :)

    Here my newbie question :)
    Where can I find PAL with SR instead of D latches ?
    My ttl simple machine need set and reset functions.
    Is there a such thing ?

    Noob :)
  2. You can make a SR latch using combinatorial logic.
    In CUPL it would look like :
    q = q & !reset # set;
  3. :-)

    :-) Guest

    Let say in a PAL20R6A, now do I get rideoff the clock ?
    I need a strait SR latch :)
  4. If you don't need the clock, tie it to GND and leave it alone. The same
    holds for all flipflops with asynchrone preset and clear.

    petrus bitbyter
  5. You don't. PALs are extremely obsolete - use a GAL, as each macrocell can be configured as
    synchronous or asynchronous.

    If you really need to use a 20R6, use one of the two non-registered outputs.
  6. :-)

    :-) Guest

    That's what I concluded also :)
    Some GALs seem to have SR latches :)
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