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Where can I buy thin mirrors?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Glen Murphy, Sep 14, 2003.

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  1. Glen Murphy

    Glen Murphy Guest

    Hi All,

    I'm in need of four to eight mirrors for a project - they need to be as thin
    as possible, don't need to be any larger than 2" x 2" (although if they're
    cuttable, that's ok), and don't need frames.

    Google, Jaycar and DSE seem to have failed me so far, so does anyone have
    suggestions on where to look? I'm in Melbourne, but if any place has
    mailorder, I'd probably prefer that. I remember the Swinburne science shop
    sold them when it was around 10 years ago .. oh darn I'm old.

  2. The old polaroid cameras contain large thin mirrors.
  3. Newsy

    Newsy Guest

    Front coated mirrors are also used in (some) video rear projection systems
    for bouncing the image.

  4. Ralph

    Ralph Guest

    Have you asked a glazier?
  5. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Brasso or Autosol polish on stainless steel shim (cut to size)?

    Edmund scientific or Lastek
    may have something (not sure of the $$ you have or quality you need...)

  6. Vermin

    Vermin Guest

    You could try here if they have to be really thin:

    Mike is a top bloke and will probably be able to put you in touch with
    someone if he can not supply anything himself.

    He made a beautiful 16" f5 parabolic mirror for my light bucket
    (Dobsonian telescope).

    Tom L.

  7. Hi Glen, Microfisch readers have thin front silvered mirrors, From
    memory about 150 mm. square. (maybe a bit larger.) Cheer's, Ian S.
  8. Glen Murphy

    Glen Murphy Guest

    Thanks everyone for the responses, very helpful :)
  9. Go to Google, type in "Edmund Scientific", or type in "Optics". Depending on
    how thin the glass needs to be for your project, an optics supplier may be
    your best bet.

    Angelo Sartore
    1st. AC

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