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When was the BC107 introduced?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by John B, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. Nowadays elementary school kids have "walkie-talkies" that can reach any
    telephone on the entire planet, MP3 players and whatnot. It's hard to build
    something yourself that's cooler and/or cheaper than all the consumer stuff
    already on the market.

  2. Recently I passed by a pile of junk in which I immediately spotted a stereo
    amp. I stopped and pondered if I -- wife, kids, PhD, decent salary -- should
    really pick it up and cycle one-handedly all the way home like in the olden
    days. Then I thought I had to do it just out of fidelity to myself -- what
    if, as a kid, I could have looked through a time machine and seen myself
    passing up such a gem? I took it, replaced a blown fuse, and it's as good as

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  4. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    The black round domes were popular in Japan much longer than here in the
    US. I had a 1980's era Kenwood stereo that was peppered with those

    Remember the glass Ge transistors and diodes? Very popular in Europe.
    After a while the black lacquer would flake off and they became light
    sensitive. Happened a lot in mixed tube/transistor TV sets. OTOH you
    could make nice and pretty fast light detectors from these for little
    money. A Swiss army knife to scrape the paint off was the only required
    "production tool".
  5. John E.

    John E. Guest

    John Larkin sez:
    My understanding is that that the two split up over business disagreements.
    Ted opened HalTed and Hal kept HalTek. Hal now owns (or did last time I was
    in that Mt. View neighborhood) a surplus test equipment store, stocked to the
    hilt with Tek and HP equipment. Looked like he was doing a firesale
  6. Barry Lennox

    Barry Lennox Guest

    I have it listed in a 1970 Philips databook, but it's not in another
    (much smaller) databook of 1967.

  7. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

    My Philips Miniwatt short form catalogue dated March 1964 lists both
    the BC107 and BC109 but not the BC108.

    It is probable that the BC107 and BC109 were in production in 1963.

    Ross H
  8. Metabastler

    Metabastler Guest

    Same with me ...
    'Sperrmüll' oh what a sweet sound in my ears.. My parent's throw out
    stuff, while I brought in at least twice as much ;-)

    Last tuesday I salvaged two pressure sensors

    Some weeks ago we ranged some stuff in the garage, I wanted to trash
    some old stuff and my (5a) daughter starts to shout 'STOP, you still can
    build something with that'. My wifes bright smiled comment: She's a chip
    off the old block.

  9. Awesome. I wish I still had some of my 1964 literature.
    Could you put up a scan of that 1964 short-form catalog?
  10. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

    Win, I scanned to pdf at 300dpi to retain resolution of small print
    and the zipped file is still around 10.5MB. Would abse allow that?

  11. allows for large files files, I've used it a few times
    for DV videos, seems to work

  12. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest


    Yes, but that's a fee per month service.

    I might try re-scanning in smaller segmented blocks and post to abse
    bit at a time.
  13. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

  14. Yes of course, when you post it'll automatically be broken into
    smaller files and when we grab it it'll be automatically repaired.

    Thanks for having that document, and thanks for the scan!
  15. Hi,

    Use DjVu Solo to compress. I saw AoE with 532 doublepages scanned with
    aceptable quality in 15 MByte. IMHO 300 dpi grayscale.


    I do have a original book, because it is much cheaper to buy this book
    (second hand) than print it myself ;-)
  16. Yes, I have that djvu file. djvu is an amazing compression format,
    especially well suited for books. But then, the 90MB .pdf file I
    found isn't that much harder to download over high-speed internet.

    The pdf file is pretty good quality (although not an honest proper
    vector file). But, sorry, I can't compare the quality of the djvu
    and pdf files, because I had to rebuild my computer and lost my
    ability to look at djvu files. Windows, of course, claims not to
    even know where to go to look for a djvu viewer. Terra Incognita.
  17. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

    I just realised my eyesight isn't so good :)

    The catalog doesn't show the BC109 - it was actually the BF109 on the
    line following the BC107.
  18. OK. Were you going to post the rest of the catalog? (Please?)
  19. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Ross Herbert"

    ** That IS a damn strange place to find WW2 Messerschmitts being
    advertised ??

    ....... Phil
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