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Whats wrong with my Telly then????

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Albert Grennock, Sep 17, 2005.

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  1. I bought a new Ferguson FTV210N 21" television and it
    seems the picture is too big vertically I eventually found a
    'pot' (potentiometer) which seems to control the picture hight
    but even at maximum adjust the picture is still too (big slightly).
    (There didn't seem to a similar pot to do the same thing
    horizontally, incidently, is this normal?)

    Any ideas as to what is the problem???

    I mean surely adding a bit more resistance would fix it??

    Initially I though the problem might be 'fixable' in the TV's
    service mode (is it indeed has one) but the pot controls it.
  2. sofie

    sofie Guest

    Albert Grennock:
    You are on the right track BUT do NOT modify the circuitry with changing
    resistance values. More than likely the problem you are seeing is due to
    faulty, dry, or high ESR electrolytics in the vertical deflection circuitry.
    If you do not have an ESR meter then you must just replace suspected caps
    ...... or.....
    TAKE it to a service shop for what should be a fairly inexpensive repair.
    Do not wait until it develops further problems or the repair price will be
    higher. Get a repair cost estimate so you can make an intelligent repair
  3. Dave D

    Dave D Guest

    Yes, I already told you what it might be, Albert. Weren't the replies in
    your last thread on the exact same subject good enough? You were given good
    and sensible advice, especially about staying out of service menus and not
    making adjustments. Don't ignore it unless you want a whole lot more grief.
    Maybe, just like fitting a 2,000,000 gallon expansion tank to your car will
    'fix' a radiator leak. Something is clearly wrong, I'd expect some
    components to fail fairly soon, probably after you do something catastrophic
    and void the warranty.
    You said it would be a hassle to take it back to where you bought it. If you
    aren't happy, and you cannot source the fault yourself, then that's what you
    need to do, like it or not. If you really cannot get back to the shop, try
    contacting the manufacturer. Either that or get it fixed locally at your own

    If you do decide on the most sensible course of action and get a
    refund/repair under warranty, don't be surprised if they refuse on the
    grounds that you've tinkered with it.

    Go on Albert, use the warranty, that's what they're there for!

  4. I like to get a variety of opinions, the fault could be a caused by a number
    of things.
    It might simply be that a component, resistor/pot is slightly out of spec.

    Well as it turned out that adjustment is probably not in the service menu
    (assuming it has one) anyway as there is a pot to do the job so that advice
    was not much help anyway really. As I explained it is very unlikely I could
    or would have done any damage using any service menu anyway, I think it
    have been fairly obvious whether I would be able to use the facility safely
    or not.
    Also even if I did break it I would just say take it back to the shop and
    say that
    it was like that when it came out of the box, so I had nothing to lose by
    No more immoral than selling a faulty set in the first place.
    Might be the radiator cap is just not screwed on properly, any how your idea
    would probably need new engine to shift the extra weight.
    It doesn't have a warenty as such, just my basic consumer rights to
    return faulty goods, which I will be exercising and getting my money
    back. They will not be able to prove I have tinkered with it anyway,
    I don't consider taking the back off it tinkering with it.

    Means cost time and effort taking it back, I doubt they will refund
    that, I will consider myself lucky to get my money back.

    It was not the model I wished to buy anyway due to their instore
    trickery ie putting it on display with boxed models of a different
    model below it, which show the low morality of the store selling
    it, which is why I expect to have trouble getting a refund.

    However if I do have any trouble getting a refund I will get a refund
    the technicality that it is described as a 21" set when infact the screen
    size is much closer to 20", a clear misrepresention which under
    UK law entitles me to a refund. Infact I would probably be better off
    not mentioning the other fault at all.
    So three faults in all, mis-sold, mis reprentated and faulty - not bad going
    You would think a store like that would go bust however they have a
    virtual monopoly in the market so they can see whatever crap they like.

    The store is Currys by the way part of the Dixons group when you
    go to an out of town shopping centre they own all bar one of the
    shops selling electrical goods, pretty shocking really as far as
    competition goes.
    This kind of virtual monopoly should be illegal, and would be if
    out politicians had not failed us.

  5. The product is only a few days old so I will be getting my money back
    They can have it repaired it they wish but I imagine it will be dumped in a
    They probably only cost £30 to make anyway, the other £100 being
  6. kip

    kip Guest

  7. Thanks for your input sunshine!!
  8. ^^^

    Warranty? Replacement by the retailer? :)

  9. kip

    kip Guest

    Tom !
    The Guy is thick as two short planks ....
    Forget about him .

  10. Which still leaves me with plenty more brains than you :O)
  11. The product is only a few days old so I will be getting my money back
    They can have it repaired it they wish but I imagine it will be dumped in a
    They probably only cost £30 to make anyway, the other £100 being
    You opened your new TV, adjusted the circuit, and now you want your
    money back? If the store were mine I'd throw you and the TV out the door.
  12. Dave D

    Dave D Guest

    Or you were hoping someone would post what you wanted to hear. It isn't
    going to happen.
    And? That would still not be something you should interfere with.
    *You* mentioned service menus, you were given sound advice about service
    menus. What's the problem?
    Wrong. This was explained to you.
    Yes- it is obvious, you're right! If you'd been let loose in a service menu,
    you'd have made things worse.
    You have some evidence that the shop knew it was faulty? Have you any idea
    how many TVs the Dixons/Currys group sells in a day? Do you expect them to
    check every single one?
    Yes you do.
    I'd be very surprised if there isn't a manufacturer's warranty as well.
    Either way, so what?
    You're kidding? Few if any manufacturers would honour a warranty in such
    circumstances. It would be a reasonable assumption by the manufacturer that
    if you went inside, you 'tinkered' in some way.
    Of course not.
    Quite, judging by your attitude so far. For most people, it would be a case
    of walking into Dixons, saying,

    'I wonder if you could help me, I bought this TV x number of days ago. It is
    not the model I chose, and it has a fault. I have returned it in the
    condition I received it in. could you please exchange it or give me a

    Upon which, the consumer would be leaving with a shiny new TV or a refund.

    For you, I suspect it won't be such a pleasant experience!
    I don't think you can blame the store 100% for that.
    Wrong. CRTs are measured from outside corner edge to corner edge of the
    actual CRT assembly before fitting to the TV, not the viewable area like
    TFTs. A 21" CRT will correctly measure 20" or less diagonally viewable
    space. That's the way it's always been. If you try that approach, they'll
    laugh you out of the store.
    Then they would be within their rights to tell you where to go, and have a
    good chuckle.
    If it were true, but it isn't.
    Monopoly? Dixons/Currys do not have a monopoly. In any case, if they had a
    monopoly, by what logic would they go bust?!

  13. kip

    kip Guest

    Typical symptoms of a Wanker..
    Piss with the TV then take it back, I guess it takes all kinds.
  14. door.

    No I am sorry you have got that ever so slightly wrong, they sold be a
    product and I am entitled to and will get my money back.
    The fact that I opened it up in a attempt to fix the problem is neither
    here nor there. Had I been able to fix it at my *own* expense it would
    have saved *them* the cost of a refund. As it is they will have to cough up.

    No doubt if you owned the store you could think up thousands of other
    to refuse a refund, and continue to sell cr*p to the general public at a

    Any attempt by you to assault me would have resulted in you receiving the
    of pasteing the office of fair trading should have given you a long time

    Crooks like you shoud be barred from the retail business.
  15. Get back under the bridge.

  16. Of course, any responsiible retailer would, try sell an untested TV on ebay
    and see what kind of bids you get. These people are no better then crooks
    and con artists.

    Most of the warrenties are little more than a con to convince you you have
    less rights then you actually have. You can expect a television to be fault
    for at least 5 years, not the one year in their guarantee. The crooks
    selling them
    want you to think otherwise.
    All those 3 and 5 year guarantees they *sell* you are a con as legally you
    would expect such products to last that long anyway. It's just another
    for those seedy crooked retailers to screw more money out of you.
    If I had my way the con artists pushing such worthless guarentees would
    be spend a good 10 years in jail for their trouble, like any other common

    In which case they would refuse a refund because they will say its your
    you bought the wrong model.
    It was already unpleasent finding the TV was faulty and will be more hassle
    having to return it, I would be better off going to a small claims court and
    recovering the costs and inconvienience of returning it as well.
    That might ensure they don't sell shoddy good in future.

    I think I can. It wouldn't have happened if I owned the store, I can assure
    you of that, no customer would leave my store with a wrong or faulty
    product, I would ensure my staff were trained and did more than stand in
    groups chatting about f all.
    I think you are joking, they might laugh me out of the store but I would
    be laughing them out of a small claims court when it ruled in my favour.
    They would be laughing even less when they picked up their legal bill.

    Legal arguments like "Well we have always been crooked conmen,
    and people should realise they will be cheated" don't tend to go down
    very well in a decent court of law.

    I doubt they will be chuckling with a broken jaw.
    Maybe someone might burn all their stores down, use your imagination.
  17. kip

    kip Guest

    You have go to be lid of the year...
  18. Dave D

    Dave D Guest

    Saying it does not make it so. You voided your warranty by opening the TV
    up- it's that simple. If you feel this is not the case, be sure to tell the
    shop you opened it up and attempted to fix it, see what happens.

    It doesn't work like that. You are simply stating your own personal opinions
    on how you think the world works. It is a fantasy, get real.

  19. Dave D

    Dave D Guest

    Are you insane or just trolling? If you doubt how CRTs are measured, go into
    any store and ask them, or write to the manufactirers and ask them.

    In fact, start a new thread on this NG and ask the question, see what
    responses you get.
    Not conmen, this is the way it's done, by all manufacturers AFAIK. It
    stemmed from the technical identification/part number of the CRTs as they
    come from the manufacturer. The diagonal size of the entire CRT formed part
    of the part number.

    Some manufacturers might point this discrepency out, others may not.
    Personally I feel it is a bad way to measure CRTs, and misleading, but
    that's not the point. For a single manufacturer to change to actual viewable
    space measuring, they would have to sell larger CRTs than the competition
    for the same money, while few people would probably notice the 1" or so

    It would be nice if all manufacturers could agree on the change, but it
    won't likely happen now- CRTs are near the end of their life.
    Oh for heaven's sake.
    You're in laa-laa land, and it appears I've been unknowingly taking
    advantage of your incapacity. How callous of me. I promise I won't do it
    again ;-)

  20. Ken Weitzel

    Ken Weitzel Guest

    Dave D wrote:


    The OP should try this incredibly simple test. Go and get an
    8 x 10 enlargement made of his favorite photograph. Take it home,
    measure it, and the piece pf paper will be virtually 8 inches by 10 inches.

    Now get another made, this time have it mounted in a beautiful frame.
    Take that one home, measure the visible portion of the paper.
    Still 8 x 10? Or is some of it covered by the matte or the frame?

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