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What's the scoop on universal remotes ??

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by moonlite, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. moonlite

    moonlite Guest

    Yesterday I bought probably my fifth universal remote only to return it
    an hour later !! These remotes don't work - I don't care what the
    paperwork that comes with it says !! Is there a way to know for sure
    what brand universal remotes work best with what products ??

  2. sofie

    sofie Guest

    Use the original factory remote to easily get all the dedicated functions
    available on your equipment.
    If you must have a universal remote, stay away from the cheapies for $15 or
    less. Usually if you get the better remotes like "One for All" and some of
    the Radio Shack more expensive remotes you will have a better chance of
    success..... however, the factory original remotes are the only way to go.
  3. " These remotes don't work"

    Think about that statement for a minute. Isnt it more likely that:

    (1) The device you're trying to control has a bad remote sensor.
    (2) You didnt follow the programming instructions correctly.
    (3) You got tired of pressing the ON button 347 times to try each
    (4) You blew by the setting that turns on your device.
    (5) You have an empty beer can, or a half-eaten Subway sandwitch, or a
    smear of ketchup in front of the TV's remote control sensor.
  4. crazy frog

    crazy frog Guest

    some remotes work on some things
    and not ther other.
  5. I agree. I had one that I tried for someone once that would not work with
    that particular set. To make sure, I went down the list in the manual,
    copied ALL the codes into Excel, sorted in order, pulled out all the
    duplicates, and then went down the list in order, one by one. No dice.
    Tried another remote and it worked fine.


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  6. rb

    rb Guest

    Never had a problem with the basic controls of a set.
    Ask one of the kids to set it up for ya!
    They can be confusing. : - )
  7. 427Cobraman

    427Cobraman Guest

    What devices are you trying to control? (model, brand etc) and what
    remotes have you tried? Personally, I use a One For All URC-8910 and
    it works on everything I have including my light dimmer. Was about $30
    a couple years ago.
  8. Jeff, WB8NHV

    Jeff, WB8NHV Guest

    I bought a One For All URC4041, which works well for everything but
    my stereo system and my DVD player. The reason it won't work with the
    DVD is my player (CyberHome CH-DVD300) will work only with its own
    remote and no other (there is nothing wrong with the player; it's the
    way the darn thing is designed). Why the URC4041 doesn't work with my
    stereo, an Aiwa bookshelf system (CX-NA888--AM/FM, dual cassette, 3 CD
    changer), however, is beyond me at this point. I've tried every setup
    code in the manual, ran the code search (yes, I pressed the power
    button at least 100 times with no luck), did everything I could think
    of, but this remote simply will not operate the stereo. I was able to
    get the remote to operate one function of the stereo system (power
    on-off) at one point several months ago, but I can't get it to do even
    that anymore. As I said, everything else in my entertainment system,
    including the Motorola cable box used with my digital cable TV service,
    responds to the OFA remote just as it should. The stereo system (which
    works well using its own remote) was built by Aiwa some half-dozen
    years ago; could this be why it does not respond to the OFA remote?

    Jeff, WB8NHV
    Fairport Harbor, Ohio USA
  9. Andy Cuffe

    Andy Cuffe Guest

    For a universal remote to work with a device, the manufacturer of the
    universal must program it with the correct codes for that device.
    There are literally thousands of codes and no remote supports all of
    them. Sometimes you have to try several remotes before you find one
    that will work with a certain device. I've even seen remotes that
    work with the Cyberhome DVD player you mentioned. If you still have
    the original remotes, a learning remote may be the only answer.
    Andy Cuffe

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