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What's the name of this RS232 hardware item?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Hank Fenster, Jan 23, 2004.

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  1. Hank Fenster

    Hank Fenster Guest

    What's the official name for this thing? It's a hex nut with a threaded tail
    that's used to mount RS232 receptacles and allow the mating plug's holding
    screws something to screw into. I'd like to buy some of these, but have no
    idea what to ask for.


  2. The CPC/Farnell catalogue (UK) calls them "Jack Posts for D Connectors". The
    things that screw on them are called "Jack Screws" or "Finger Jack Screws".

  3. What's the official name for this thing? It's a hex nut with a threaded tail
    By the way, how many do you need? I have hundreds if not thousands of
    these, some already salvaged and in plastic bags, some still waiting
    to be salvaged on cable assemblies.

    If you don't need an unreasonable number, I'll happily mail them to
    you in return for a postcard from your home city.
  4. Hank Fenster

    Hank Fenster Guest

    I only need a dozen or so for some prototypes I'm building. Thanks very much
    for the offer, but I'm preparing an order with Digikey for some other items
    I need, and these can't cost more than a few cents each, if I can just
    figure out what name they use to identify them.
  5. Hank Fenster

    Hank Fenster Guest

    Finally found it by paging thru the Digikey catalog D-Sub section. Digikey's
    term for it is "female screwlock assembly". Just in case anyone else is
    trying to find it.
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