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What's On Your Bench?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Too_Many_Tools, Mar 24, 2007.

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  1. D from BC

    D from BC Guest

    You can see my workbench on
    I just lie down and let the rollers go over me whenever I feel doing
    some electronics design.. :)
    D from BC
  2. john jardine

    john jardine Guest

    The jpg picture came through fine, supposedly on this non binary group.
    Wonder who else can see it?. Or can we all see it and don't need the ABSE?.
  3. You miss the point kid.

    Binaries are a resource hog, in terms of transporting them and in terms
    of storage. Since Usenet is not a centralized system, every single message
    has to be moved from newsserver to newsserver, and stored at each. This
    happens whether or not anyone at that site actually looks at the message.
    Binaries are far bigger in size than the average text message.

    Which is why binary messages are segregated. Keeping them in dedicate
    newsgroups means that any given news site can decide whether or not to
    allocate resources to the binary newsgroups. Many don't bother, the
    value of them not matching the resources they use up.

    When you mix binary messages in with discussion newsgroups, you are
    using up resources without letting the various news administrators decide
    whether or not to allocate those resources. Binaries are a leech in
    themselves, but you are leeching even further by trying to get something
    by the news administrators when you know, or should know, that binary
    messages do not belong in non-binary newsgroups.

    Smart news administrators won't let the binary messages pass. Others
    may cancel such messages. If it happens enough, some sites may decide
    that they won't carry newsgroups where some fool(s) is routinely
    posting binary messages.

    It amazes me that people can pose as "electronic designers" but they
    can't figure out how to post diagrams to their own personal space
    at their ISP, most ISPs do allocate space for this. It isn't difficult
    at all, likely it's harder to figure out how to post to a binary newsgroup.
    Posting to your own space at your ISP shows all kinds of benefits. First,
    only people who want to see it cause the graphic file to be transferred,
    instead of shuffling it around Usenet even if only a handful of people
    are interested. Second, it solves the problem of people who don't have
    access to binary newsgroups, because their ISP or newsserver has rightly
    decided there's little value in binary newsgroups. Third, since it will
    all be in one piece, you won't have complaints when people get only parts
    of the multiple part message, which is likely a result of the way the
    messages travel, and the the low retention time placed on resource
    hogging binary newsgroups.

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