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What's New on Howard Lovy's NanoBot

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Howard Lovy, May 10, 2004.

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  1. Howard Lovy

    Howard Lovy Guest

    Zyvex's Von Ehr on pixels, bits and stitches
    Here's a bit more of my interview in Washington with James Von Ehr,
    founder of Zyvex Corp., one of the first nanotechnology companies -- and
    one that still dares to keep alive the dream of true molecular

    Whose nano matters?
    The idea of manipulating atoms as easily as pixels and bits is a
    software engineer's dream come true. To them, the world of
    nanotechnology is an extension of their own digital worlds, a way to
    make matter into something programmable. More on that here and here.
    This makes the chemists in charge of public nanotech funding scratch
    their heads. Their world is wet, sticky and biological. The engineers'
    world is dry, programmable and, in the United States at least, largely
    not publicly funded.

    The Wonderful World of NanoKids
    From the U.S. Department of Officially Sanctioned Imagination:

    Nerd American Idol
    From: Jennifer Foss
    Subject: RE: Skin Science
    This is my nerd dream come true. I wonder if I'm going to get recognized
    in the grocery store now!

    Here's the scoop
    Hey, kids. Don't make me stop the nanocar. Can't we all just get along?
    First, call yourselves by your real names. Chris Phoenix, you belong to
    an advocacy organization. Tim Harper, you're a businessman who runs
    business advocacy organizations. None of you are journalists -- at least
    none that my old-style cigar-chompin'
    "if-your-mother-says-she-loves-you-check-it-out" college journalism
    instructor would recognize.

    Good medicine, bad medicine
    Robert Bradbury has some good news and some bad news about the National
    Institutes of Health nanomedicine roadmap initiative shindig this week

    Nano gets tiny mention in S&E Indicators
    Not much about nanotechnology in particular in 2004's Science and
    Engineering Indicators, just released by the National Science Board.
    Where nanotechnology is being measured, though, is again through the
    prism of "public attitudes and understanding."

    Choose your own irrational scenario
    Take an hour or so to drink this in. It's a 143-page PDF file.
    "Nanotechnologies: A Preliminary Risk Analysis On The Basis Of A
    Workshop Organized In Brussels On March 2004 By The Health And Consumer
    Protection Directorate General Of The European Commission."

    'The hype and the fear'
    There's an excellent Business Week interview today with Kristen
    Kulinowski of the Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology
    at Rice University. Here's an excerpt:

    Science blinded by culture
    I'm fascinated by the work of cultural anthropologist Genevieve Bell. I
    spoke with her back in '98 or '99, when she first came to Intel and I
    contributed occasional articles to the Detroit News science section. No
    story came out of our interview at the time, but I remember how our
    conversation helped open my eyes to an element of technology and
    innovation that too many people in the science world neglect or negate:
    the role of culture. Not just the role popular culture plays in the
    adoption and acceptance of technology -- and I've pounded the keyboard
    bloody trying to get that point across on this blog and in Small Times
    columns -- but also ethnic, religious or national culture.

    Everybody must get loaned
    So, if after 20 years of schoolin' they put you on the day shift, don't
    spend one too many mornings only a nano hobo, knock-knock-knockin' on
    the NNI's door. Go stare into the vacuum of E2I and ask them, "Do you
    want to make a deal?"

    NanoBot and the 'unwieldy mass'
    Thank you to Rocky Rawstern of Nanotechnology Now for the kind words in
    his latest NanoNews-Now premium newsletter, where I allowed him to
    reprint a couple of my blog posts.

    Space Popsicles
    Cryonics enthusiasts: Wake up and read this!

    Nano sure is a piece of work
    I've collected a few nanojob-related articles to help a correspondent
    working on a story, and thought I'd share them here, too. I sure hope
    this nanotech thing takes off. A lot of people are counting some nice
    nanowork, if they can get it.

    It's easy being nano and green
    More shameless bragging about our accomplishments over at my paying job.
    Those who don't read Small Times might have been surprised by the
    environmental work going on at the University of Oregon: UO patent opens
    way for green nano. Those who do, already know: Nanotech's green side:
    Cutting waste and risk, taming environmental fears.

    Nanomaterials and a Fool's errand
    NASA Funds Sci-Fi Technology
    Bill Nye the Bucky Guy
    How're ya gonna keep nanotubes down on the farm

    If I were just setting out today to make that drive to the West Coast to
    start a new business, I would be looking at biotechnology and
    Jeff Bezos, founder of, quoted in Inc. magazine

    "The principal thing [the venture establishment] is doing wrong in
    nanotech is funding companies with too much money."
    -- Vinod Khosla, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

    "The safest long-term prediction is that the most important nanotech
    developments will be the unforeseen opportunities, something that we
    could not predict today."
    -- Steve Jurvetson, Draper Fisher Jurvetson

    Advertise on the world's biggest nanoblog!

    NanoBot Tipping Point
  2. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    [the usual gee-whiz sci-fi spamstuff]

    Really, Howard, you (and Mighty Steve Jurvetson) should stay in
    sci.nanotech where you belong. Unless you have something useful to say
    about electronic design. Or have any good bean recipes.


    ps - tell Steve he needs some better lawyers. The last ones screwed up
    big time.
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