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what would happen if...

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by dudeguy, Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. dudeguy

    dudeguy Guest

    what would happen if a 24volt 1000mA power supply was used to power a
    18v device
  2. Genome

    Genome Guest

    DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    It causes an instantaneous black hole into which both the supply, device and
    yourself dissapear.....


    Oh Crap

  3. Jim Gregory

    Jim Gregory Guest

    What current range is needed by the device at 18VDC? This is important to
    Don't connect gismo before you have regulated the 24VDC to 18VDC with a
    proprietary 3-pin chip attached to a heatsink as necessary.
  4. ehsjr

    ehsjr Guest

    Anywhere from nothing, to apparently normal operation, to
    destruction of either the supply or the device or both.

    The supply may have internal protection (to protect itself)
    and shut down without damage, so it appears as if nothing
    happens; the device may have internal regulation, so operation
    appears normal (but excess heat will be produced which
    can bring about eventual failure); the device may draw well in
    excess of 1000 mA, ruining either itself, or the supply, or
    both, with outward symptom of anything from non-operation to
    smoke and meltdown.

    In other words, don't do it.

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