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What voltage for 18 inch satellite dishes?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by mm, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. mm

    mm Guest

    What voltage is meant to be used by 18 inch satellite dishes?

    AC or DC?

    I found a satellite antenna in the trash, and I dont have satellite,
    but I saved the clip-on VHF/UHF antenna that goes around the edge. It
    needs power but the only manual I can find says it uses the same
    voltage as the dish, and doesn't say how much the dish uses.

    Thanks for any help on all my questions.

    P. S. I also took off the center part, the receiver or whatever, and
    sold it for a dollar or two at a hamfest. They sell new for 50
    dollars but tha's okay.
  2. mm

    mm Guest

    Wow. That's amazing.

    Thanks to everyone. I should be able to get this working, plus I have
    3 amplified antennas in my attic. One or two of them are broken, but I
    think I have enough for myself and a friend and his landlady, both of
    whom have had very little tv since digital.

    BTW, I remember now I sold that thing in the center of the dish for
    one or two dollars BEFORE I saw it for sale at Radio Shack for 50
    dollars, but that's still okay.
  3. mm

    mm Guest

    Items sold as dishes include amplifers.
    A good start on what?

    I'm not really interested in an electronics lesson. I just want to
    know what voltage would power the amplifier on the VHF/UHF antenna
    that surrounds the dish. The manual says it uses the same voltage
    that dish does, or something like that. Maybe you can write the
    manual's author.

    I'll go with one of the helpful answers.
  4. mm

    mm Guest

    I have great respect for and gratitude to the people who are trying to
    help or guide me. I don't believe the previous poster was.

    OTOH, two posters gave me helpful answers. One was simple, and much of
    the other was above me, but it was still quite helpful. Thank you,
    I don't remember how the manual phrased it, but it said it used the
    OTA antenna, that is the amplifier, used the same voltage as the dish,
    an 18 inch dish used either for Dish network or Direct TV, probably
    the first one.
    I already know that lesson, and I didn't have to burn anything out to
    learn it.
  5. mm

    mm Guest

    It's a Terk, but I can't find a model number. There's a ragged piece
    of paper glued to it that might have been a label.

    It has a circular plastic box in the middle with 4 coaxial connectors,
    marked 1, 2, 4, and 4. The first two are also marked IN and the
    second two are marked OUT.
  6. Bob Larter

    Bob Larter Guest

    Tin oxide, presumably.
  7. mm

    mm Guest

    It turns out you're right on. And thank you for posting the .jpg
    file for the TV-42 in another post.

    To make a long story short, I found printed matter, a manual for the
    44 and sort of an ad for the 42 clip-on and neither gave a voltage,
    but one gave a phone number to call for Terk, so I did, and they
    didn't keep me waiting more than a minute or two, and the technician
    said my thing, the TV-42 you found the picture of, won't work without
    a dish. Just like you suspected.

    I asked him if there was a way around it and he seemed truly sorry to
    tell me no. So I guess there isn't. But now that I've had 4 hours
    to think about it, I don't understand why not.

    I re-ordered your post:
    A multi-switch with an antenna output? Can't I just use one or the
    other of the two connectors labeled Output, and connect that to a
    digital tv or a digital converter box?

    Does the power for the amp come in through one of the Input
    connectors? If so, I could run a second co-ax line to power the amp.

    In addition to the TV-44 and TV-42, I found the HD-TVo, (which is a
    stand-alone antenna, that looks like the other two but it has a
    sword-like or Xmas-tree-like looking thing in the center. )

    I downloaded the manual twice. Both copies kept crashing Adobe Reader
    9, but I was able instead to display it in a browser window, using PDF
    Download, a Firefox Add-on.

    The HD-TVo comes with a "Power Injector with 110v AC to DC power
    adapter"; but it doesn't say what the DC voltage is. That's when I
    decided to call Terk. He said 12 volts, center pin positive, which was
    in the range you gave. But then I asked about the TV-42, and he said
    it won't work alone.

    BTW, somewhere I came across instructions for the whole dish including
    the power supply, and just like you said, Jeff, it was 13v for one
    half and 18v for the other half. That's so strange to me, but please
    don't anyone waste his time trying to explain it to me.
    My tv set? If I'm not using, don't need a Multi Switch, would there
    be anything to block the standard broadcast frequencies?

    I could spend 80 dollars and buy a new one, complete with a bracket
    and a power supply and that thing they call the power injector**, but
    that's not the point. I love trying to make things work.

    **I think I have an old power injector, but I suppose I can make one
    if I have to.
    Terk TV-42. There is also a TV-44 but it has 4 pairs of In and
    Out coax connectors.

    Thanks a lot.
  8. mm

    mm Guest

    I plan to give it a try. Not right away though. I'll try to post
    back any results. Thanks a lot.
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