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What to do with an extra computer parts...

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by PuMonchu2005, Sep 1, 2004.

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  1. PuMonchu2005

    PuMonchu2005 Guest

    Hey folks, this is my first post.
    I want to get degrees in EE and Computer Engineering, but now I would
    like some practice.
    I have 3 spare hard drives laying around (2 3GB and 1 6GB) and a
    couple video cards. I was wondering if there was anything I could do
    with these things? Anything really. I was thinking of just taking them
    apart or something, but that wouldn't learn me anything.
    If anyone could post some links to a site that has projects to do with
    spare comp parts, that would be awesome.
  2. Active8

    Active8 Guest

    What I did last week was to go to the recycling center and went
    dumpster diving for more spare parts. Brought 'em home, stripped 'em
    and took the carcases back. Could have saved a case cover for sheet
    metal, but I can always go back. Also could have fixed that 17"
    monitor, but I only had room for the one I found that worked :)

    I also got a working tower and a few video and sound cards. THe
    compaq POSs worked, too, but being POSs, I just stripped 'em. Of
    course I let them boot and read all the dirty sh*t educators don't
    remove from their computers before they trash 'em. 1 unit from a
    college prof and 2 from some middle school with a bunch of little
    supposedly educational games.

    So I build a new Linux box. It might be a bit slow for X windows,
    have to pare it down and see, but it'll serve up files fast. If that
    node hub I grabbed works, I might use it, too.

    That's not a bad idea - a linux box. You're likely to benefit from
    the Linux experience.

    If you don't do as I, I figure the hassle of taking the components
    off for parts is just a timely PITA. I can't think of what you might
    do with a card other than using it as a spare or putting it in a new

    But if nothing else. Look at the way the boards are laid out and how
    the tracks are routed. You can take a picture for posting to the
    binaries group if you have any specific questions. Just edit the
    photo and circle the area of interest. Save as JPG to keep the size
    down. Possible PNG but only if it's smaller, which for that kind of
    picture, I doubt it will be.

    Have fun. Good luck.
  3. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    I have 3 spare hard drives laying around (2 3GB and 1 6GB) and a
    For a wannbe computer engineer,
    Active8's Linux box suggestion for old PC hardware is good.
    (You'll need more stuff--easily obtained.)
    Common rookie mistake: starting with parts and trying to make something of them.
    It takes a lot of insight (knowledge + imagination).
    It's easier to *start with a schematic* and scrounge for parts.
    (Generally difficult, but you may learn something
    in looking up the specs for what parts you have.)
    ....and you'll quickly find out about PITA "in-house part numbers".
  4. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    recycling center...dumpster diving
    Hey, Colasono:
    No maps to these treasure troves? :cool:
    Not that they will do me any good. Decades since I was near the Chesapeake.
    X Window (singular). Windows is from ThatOtherCompany.
  5. Active8

    Active8 Guest

    Same here. I can give you directions and maps to the place I hit in
    PA, though
    Well. I was trying to remember which way XFree86 gets capitalized
    and said f' it :)

    When did we last speak, email, or meet? I haven't posted my last
    name in a while. You even spelled it right :) I'm going through
    Jeffs in my head... Fulmer, Carpenter,... drawing a blank, drawing a

    Here. If you want to backchannel a message to me, use this:
  6. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    No maps to these treasure troves? :cool:
    I thought you were in the Baltimore area. Not close enough?
    I worked in the Hampton Roads area for a year. Too cold for me.
    Only in these groups.
    Just one WOP remembering another's surname from those old times.
  7. Active8

    Active8 Guest

    I've mentioned Baltimore enough times that you'd think that. I'll
    probably move back, too - at least for business. I'm acclimated to
    that from the mid-west - brrr cold and windy.
    Then you're pretty sharp. A quick check of sent emails didn't jog my
    Hmm. Nice how google sometimes answers the question in the short

    I figured you might have googled back through the groups but that
    would've required an exhaustive search because there was a time I
    was away from this group and when I came back, IIRC, I just dropped
    the surname and went to the moniker - new ISP, too.

    So your last name is Martini, right :cool:
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