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What switch can I use ??

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Chretien, Mar 8, 2005.

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  1. Chretien

    Chretien Guest

    I need a switch that can do the following things on this diagram.

    Basically I have taken apart a First Alert Flashlight. Really its just for
    education. I don't really have any purpose in building it. What a boring guy
    I must be. Imagine spending Hours taking apart a flashlight just to see how
    it works and then not even building it. Anyway I digress.

    I will submit the diagram to the newsgroup when I'm finished for final
    inspection. But I'm a littlestumped on the switch. The flashlight has a
    mechanism that when you pull back on the thumb slider of the flashlight the
    120 volt plug comes out so that you can plug it into the wall.

    The ingenuity of this is that when the slider is in the recharge posistion
    it sort of prevents the circuit from turning thelight on and will not let
    120volts flow through the light bulb and the rest of the circuit and blow it

    The following diagram i have made indicates the type of switch i need. I
    would "like" a switch that basically switches two complet circuits in one
    flip. Perhaps for small projects there is no such thing. perhaps it would
    need two switches but Im not sure how to do this and stop the electricity
    flowing through the light and the 120v at the same time if you had two

    Im not sure im explaining it well. But if you do understand can you point me
    to some switches that might work with links so I can see what is in the
    market to look for.

    By the way as I look at my diagram I don't suppose I need a position 2. This
    could simply be the off possition as well. Just dont plug it into the wall.

    | TO Charging Circuit and Battery +
    | |
    Position 1 |Pos 2| Position 3
    \ | | | /
    '-------------o \o o o/ o--------.
    | | ___
    .-. o-( )--
    ( X ) (---) Wall plug
    '-' o-(___)--
    | \ / |
    '-------------o \o o o/ o--------'
    | | |
    | |
    | |
    | TO Charging Circuit and Battery -


    1.Flashlight Turns on

    2.Flashlight Turns off

    3.Flashlight charges and is isolated from
    Position 1
    (created by AACircuit v1.28.4 beta 13/12/04
  2. Neil Preston

    Neil Preston Guest

    I believe what you need is a two-pole three position switch. If you don't
    need the center position to connect to anything, you can use a double
    pole-double throw center-off toggle switch. (which is much easier to find.)

    Each pole is a separate switch, with separate terminals. Each pole therefore
    controls its own circuit, but is actuated by the same knob or handle.

    Good luck.....
  3. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    That would work if "Battery" and "To Charging Circuit and Battery +" are
    in fact, the same point electrically. Otherwise he'd need a 4PDT, and
    ignore four of the contacts:
    ___ __
    This is in position 1 - two would be o o o and three, o o o

  4. I googled for

    circuit stairs light switch

    and found:

    Look at the end of this web page, scroll down 75%. A few circuits often
    used in stairs and corridors where the same lamp(s) need to be switched
    on or off at two places. It is a classical wiring problem.
  5. Chretien

    Chretien Guest

    Yes they are the same point electrically Thanks. for everyones help.
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