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What software supports IBIS models?

Discussion in 'CAD' started by benx, Apr 4, 2005.

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  1. benx

    benx Guest

    What software supports IBIS models?

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  2. Kunal

    Kunal Guest

    PCAD and PROTEL have IBIS model support but cant use the package
    inductance information in the file. So you cant do power integrity
    analysis like ground bounce effect.
    Specctraquest can do it. And I think so can Mentor's Hyperlynx.

    Does anyone know if I can carry out SI simualtions using cadences's
    specctraquest, if I have used CIS capture and Orcad Layout Plus for my
    PCB? How can this be done?
  3. It can be pretty difficult. SpecctraQuest (Allegro PCB SI) is designed
    to work with Concept and Allegro, and the flow is built that way. If
    you had gone Capture-Allegro, then you could probably do it, but Layout
    and SQ don't talk to one another.

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