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What Softcore Processor Do You Use in FPGAs?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by rickman, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. rickman

    rickman Guest

    Things got a bit busy in the other thread, so I'll start again.

    I completed a routine for an interrupt handler in a hybrid
    stack/register based design and it is a little smaller still than the
    register based design, which also means it will run faster. Now I just
    have to figure out which of these opcodes I can actually squeeze into a
    9 bit instruction.

    Most of the savings vs. a stack design is from being able to work
    without so many stack ops, DUP, SWAP, etc, although I still need a few.
    The multiply step instructions require a specific stack/register
    usage, not unlike calling a Forth word where you have to put the
    operands on the stack in a specific order. I could change this to make
    the call easier, but I set it up to minimize the cleanup on exit. So
    there are a few steps required to set that up. The register machine has
    to move some data around too. Interestingly the stack machine requires
    the least amount of work in this part.

    Brad Eckert has been designing a stack machine or maybe it should just
    be called a Forth machine since it is designed specifically to run Forth
    code in addition to whatever else you want to run on it. I haven't seen
    details, but it sounds similar to the MC68000 family with data size
    flexibility. Not sure if it will be released for FPGA use, but once the
    instruction set is out, there's nothing to stop you from rolling your
    own... except patents... lol
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