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What;s a good alternative for the IC 74c925?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    74c925 : 4 digit counter (0 to 9999) with 7 segment display driving, ,
    and with reset and latch capability

    thanks in advance
  2. A PIC, of course.

    Many thanks,

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  3. Donald

    Donald Guest

    Is this for a replacement or new design ??

    These things are still available, just might cost you more that a
    replacment unit.

    In a new design, what else does the systems need beside a 4 digit
    counter (0 to 9999) ??

  4. PIC.
  5. AVR....
  6. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Here's one you'll thank me for and I think it's still current.
    (and I think it is).

    Surely you'll find some somewhere.

    ICM7217 (intersil or maxim) made in a 5959 and a 9999
    ann both CC and CA.

    Or learn picbasic and do it with a PIC in a weekend.
  7. Guest

    The problem with PICs is that I don't have the programmer and the IC I
    need is for a specific circuit.

    Thank you gentlemen. I'll try the ICM7217 :)
  8. Or just get some counters and latches (if you need them) and decoders and
    wire them up. That's the way it used to be, and of course if you needed
    fewer digits you'd just leave one off. If you needed more, you'd add more.

    You can even do it easier than in the old days, because unlike thirty years
    ago, you can get two decade counters in a single package (the 74390, unless
    its time has peaked), and 8 bits of latch in a single package. IN the old
    days, the best you could get (at least easily in the common logic families)
    was a decade counter per package and a 4-bit latch.

    And then you can decide whether the added circuitry to allow multiplexing
    is worth saving some decoders. Those 8-bit latches would include tri-state
    outputs nowadays, making the multiplexing easier, but you have to decide
    at what number of digits it's time to do away with the extra decoders.

  9. Donald

    Donald Guest

    I take it that you are doing a repair.

    Would buying just one, fix the specific circuit involved.

    But two and your covered for the next time.

    The cost of the ICM7217 is slightly cheaper, but to rewire an existing
    circuit would take time (time = money).

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