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What panels work on 50 HZ that I can buy now?

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by DaveInPNG, Feb 10, 2005.

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  1. DaveInPNG

    DaveInPNG Guest

    I live in Papua New Guinea (near Australia) and it uses 50 HZ (50
    cycle) power. I can get a 240 volt alarm transformer and indeed all of
    the other parts I need cheaply in-country EXCEPT an alarm panel.

    I can get a 6-zone panel of $200 US, but it's a panel that sells in the
    US for $25-30 and that much of a mark-up bothers me (no battery or
    transformer, just the panel).

    Here's my question: What current model panel can I get in the US (6-8
    zone) that will run on either 50 cycle power or is crystal controlled?

    I'd love to hear your suggestions.

    Thanks ahead of time. You've been a great bunch so far.

    BTW: The source of the panel doesn't need to ship it to PNG, just North
    Carolina. Also, Australia doesn't sell panels to non-licensed
    installers so that is no option.
  2. Paul Ekins

    Paul Ekins Guest

    Australia doesn't sell panels to non-licensed

    Always used to, try they should be able to help.
    NX8 alarm panel under products link
  3. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Here's a simple straight forward solution for you. Get yourself a 16 VDC
    (yes, "DC") power supply (compatability with your particular electrical
    requirements shouldn't be a problem) and hook the outputs from this power
    supply to the *AC* input terminals of the alarm control. If you're using
    DSC, they're equipped with a full bridge rectifier so this *will* work.
    Hook up your battery in the normal manner and "voila"...
  4. DaveInPNG

    DaveInPNG Guest

    My understanding is that most panels us the AC line frequency as a
    timebase, therefore settings for 50/60 cycle or warning such as "won't
    work below 55.5 cycles". Therefore using a DC source wil not work.

  5. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Well... I have a customer that's running a DSC 832 in his yacht... No AC
    power available and I haven't had any complaints about the system time... I
    just checked his account and the system is still transmitting test signals
    at 0215 hours daily... I'll ask him if he's having to reset the clock every
    once in a while...
  6. Napco allows you to choose 50 or 60 hz or have the panel select
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