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What liquid for ultrasonic bath

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Enrico, Nov 27, 2005.

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  1. Enrico

    Enrico Guest

    Hi to all...
    On Ebay i've buyed a little ultrasonic bath.
    I wont to say what liquid i need to use for wash the flux and clean PCBs...
    In past i've used trelin with a paint-brush, but it's not the max with
    plastic parts...
    I've tried wth denaturated alcohol and water/ammonia, but nothing...

  2. The Boz

    The Boz Guest

    We always used plain water (tap, distilled, whatever) with a bit of
    non-sudsing detergent. What exactly are you cleaning?

    The Boz
  3. Guest

    Isopropyl alcohol works a lot better than denatured alcohol on rosin.
    You can buy the 91% stuff in supermarkets if you look around, but the
    70% often has glycerin and fragrances added; I'd stay away from that.

    Acetone is also good for electronics (provided none of the components
    are soluble in it!) but a major fire/fume hazard. Make sure you've got
    good ventilation if you're going to mess with that.
  4. Masterx81

    Masterx81 Guest

    Really thanks!!!

    ha scritto:
  5. Enrico-

    Take care that you don't damage circuit boards with your ultrasonic bath.
    Such a bath works best on hard objects and may damage soft materials like
    plastics or fiberglass circuit boards. It will create holes in aluminum

    It would clean a watch band or eye glasses with glass lenses using soapy
    water, but might damage plastic lenses.

    For removing flux, I found a product called "water remover and fuel system
    antifreeze" that contains almost pure Isopropyl Alcohol. Sometimes you
    can find 98% Isopropyl Alcohol at a drug store. The 70% rubbing alcohol
    doesn't work very well, since it contains a lot of water. I use an "acid
    brush" to apply it to the circuit boards.

    It might be a good idea to use hearing protection around the ultrasonic
    bath. Even though you can't hear it, it has an effect on you.

  6. Guest

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