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what kind of capacitor do I need? (preamp circuit)

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Mad Scientist Jr, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. I would like to buy parts for this schematic

    I had a 0.1 uF ceramic disc capacitor laying around which worked, now
    I want to make some more of this circuit and am not sure exactly which
    type of capacitor to use. Searching or digikey for "0.1 uF
    ceramic disc capacitor" brings up a ton with all sorts of properties.
    I basically want something that is cheap and reliable and general
    purpose, so in case I have some left over I could use them for other
    projects (probably 3-12v DC audio circuits, small robotic projects,
    etc.) I would probably want to spend around $5-$10 and get somewhere
    between 25-100 of them. Any help appreciated, thanks...
  2. For small general purpose I like the tiny blue ones, epoxy coated ceramic.
    Usually good for voltages to 100V, maybe a bit more. Values ranged from 22
    pf to 0.47µF last time I looked. You can get cheaper, but if you want to
    reuse easily in experiments, and still be left with something fit for
    permanent wiring later, those things rule.
  3. ehsjr

    ehsjr Guest
    ..1 uF radial ceramic CAT# RM-104 10 for $.70
    ..1 uF disc ceramic CAT# 104D50 10 for$1.00
    2N3904 CAT# 2N3904 5 for $.75
    100K CAT# 100K-1/4 10 for $.50
    10K CAT# 10K-1/4 10 for $.50
  4. Thanks lots - I will check those out...
    If you just want to power your circuit with a 9V battery,
    would components rated for 100V drain the battery more than you would
    or otherwise be overkill?
    Thanks again
  5. No overkill. :) Small ceramic capacitors usually have a high(ish) working
    voltage. The ability to take 100V will also make sure that any leakage at
    9V is low, not high, so that makes them ideal on low-volt circuits.

    The epoxy coating is impermeable to moisture, and withstands a lot of heat
    too, so unless there is some quality you specifically need from another
    type, those small epoxy coated ones are a good first choice. Maybe if
    you're making mass-produces stuff they aren't the cheapest for general use,
    but in small scale work it's worth buying them, they don't cost a lot.
  6. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest


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