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What is the symbol for a mic?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Eddie, Oct 15, 2009.

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  1. Eddie

    Eddie Guest

    I want to write (by hand) if some voice recordings of mine are in
    mono or stereo.

    Are there some standard symbols used for a mono mic and a stereo

    Are there mono/stereo mic symbols used in schematic circuit diagrams
    which could be used?


    I've seen two overlapping circles used for stereo. But for some
    reason a mono mic is one circle PLUS a short bar
  2. There are rarely stereo microphones. Usually just two microphones. Even
    when something has two microphone elements in close proximity, on a
    schematic they would appear as two microphones, since there would be
    two elements hooked up to separate circuitry.

    Why not "M" for mono, "S" for stereo?

    That's so much simpler than drawing a symbol, even if you had something
    that was standard.

  3. But he wants something to indicate mono or stereo. I agree, that's a
    fairly standard symbol for a microphone, but he wants something to
    indicate stereo. And I would argue that an "M" is still simpler than
    drawing the mic symbol.

  4. ehsjr

    ehsjr Guest

    Simpler is irrelevant. It's all about clear communication, not
    about whether a symbol is easier or harder to draw.

    If it is not a standard symbol, then the person looking at the
    schematic may not understand what the symbol is supposed to
    mean. D= is a mic symbol (when properly drawn) - there is no need
    to identify it as mono with an M, it already is mono. If you
    replace the symbol with an M, you still need to show the two
    legs. And someone could still mistake it - for example, maybe the
    "M" means meter. If you want to show a mic as stereo, then you
    have to show where the other two legs connect, so merely adding
    an S is not enough. And if you show it as just an S, someone might
    think it represents a sine wave.

  5. Reread his post. He's talking about labelling recorded material, not
    drawing a schematic. What's relevant for a schematic is not relevant in
    this case.

    Using letters or full words, "Mono" and "Stereo" fits the scenario far
    better than trying to find some imaginary schematic symbol for a "stereo
    microphone" which will take a lot more effort to draw for his purposes.

  6. ehsjr

    ehsjr Guest

    I was answering what you were talking about, which seemed to be
    schematics: "There are rarely stereo microphones. Usually just two
    microphones. Even when something has two microphone elements in close
    proximity, on a schematic they would appear as two microphones, since
    there would be two elements hooked up to separate circuitry."
    Right. If it's just about labelling the recordings, then Mono or
    Stereo works well, and better than making up a symbol.

  7. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Just use two mics, one labeled "Right" and the other labeled "Left."

    Sure, there are "stereo mics", but they're really just two mics in the
    same package.

  8. ehsjr

    ehsjr Guest

    I have to tell you, I don't get it. 5 years down the road he may
    look at the symbol and wonder "whatinthehelldoesthatmean?" 5 years
    down the road, if he looks at "Mono" or "Stereo", he will know.
    And if it is just an M or just an S he'll have a very good shot at

    Of course for labels for ones own use, each to his own.


  9. THIS is the correct response!
  10. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    When's the last time you needed a schematic of a scissor or a trouser? ;-)

    Why do they wear a pair of panties but only one bra? ;-)

  11. CellShocked

    CellShocked Guest

    Then, there is the hot dogs / buns thing.
  12. CellShocked

    CellShocked Guest

    Hot dogs are sold in packs of ten, while hot dog buns are sold in packs
    of eight.
  13. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    That's so you can take the two leftover weiners, cut them up, and put
    them in your mac&cheese. ;-)

  14. CellShocked

    CellShocked Guest

    I do Mac-Chee-Tuna-Pea.

    I don't do Mac-Chee-DogBits.
  15. CellShocked

    CellShocked Guest

    Go away, stupid troll.
  16. CellShocked

    CellShocked Guest

    It is a reference to a spreadsheet, you absolute fucking total retard.
  17. Eddie

    Eddie Guest

    Hello Lostgallifreyan, thank you for the detailed reply. I'm the
    original poster. (Sorry for the delay in replying.) I'm not sure I
    can see what you are describing.

    (A) What does the following mean?

    "bar joining tangents on each"

    Does it mean a bar which passes thru the intersection of many pairs
    of tangents where each tangents in a pair is drawn from a points
    which is situated as if it were the mirror image of the other? This
    would be a bar drawn down the middle of the overlapping circles.

    (B) I'm not sure about this other part of our description:

    "extending to a point at each end coexistent with
    a tangent on the points most distant from each
    other on the double-circle pattern"

    Those "Points on the double circle pattern most distant from each
    other" would presumably be those points on the 'outer edges' of the
    double-circle. I don't see a single tangent which passes through
    those two points. Perhaps you mean a tangent which touches each
    circle at the point(s) which are the furtherest possible from one
    other while still permitting the existence a common tangent.

    (C) What about the overlap of the circles? Do your circles overlap
    by a radius? (Such that one circle goes through the other's centre).
    Or is the overlap more like half a radius?

    Can you give us a drawing. It must be easier to understand than any
    more of this? In the end I only want to know see what symbol you're
    suggesting for stereo!
  18. Eddie

    Eddie Guest

    I am the OP. If I understand you correctly, that symbol would be
    tricky to draw by hand and if it was not drawn accurately it
    might look strange.

    OTOH maybe I've misunderstood you. Do you have a link to an image
    of what you have in mind?
  19. CellShocked

    CellShocked Guest

    You are attempting to converse with a total retard.

    But then... you are the idiot that wants to put a schematic symbol that
    no one else will even recognize onto discs where a SIMPLE TEXT label will
    suffice, and will convey the info CORRECTLY.

    So, you are only about two steps above the twit you are responding to.
  20. That covers OMNI mikes. Ther are other symbols for cardioid and
    hypercardioid, and Supercardioid.

    Jeez, you DOPEY FUCKS, just put a TEXT label on the fucking disks!

    Only the DOPE that puts the UNKNOWN symbol on the disks will understand

    In other words, do not make the jump from dopey fucktard to total
    retard by actually printing stupid schematic symbol labels for your
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