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What is the purspose of pre-tinned wire?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Sandi, Apr 17, 2009.

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  1. Mr. Haney

    Mr. Haney Guest

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  3. Tinning, in soldering nomenclature refers to dipping the stripped ends
    of a stranded wire into a solder pot after applying flux to it.
    "Pre-tinned wire" is a stranded wire where the entire length of the wire
    has been "tinned" (read solder impregnated) during manufacture, before
    the sheath (insulation) is added.

    It is entirely different than TPC, which IS TIN plated copper wire.

    Pre-tinned wire is made for manufacturing processes where labor costs
    have been pared down. It has nothing to do with shelf life other than
    how it relates to manufacturers and THEIR shelf life during a production
    cycle. It would oxidize at the same rate that a solder joint does, which
    is near NONE.

    I doubt seriously that you will ever find RoHS "pre-tinned wire"
    anywhere as it is likely a very poor wire being tinned with RoHS solders.

    PVC wire is more porous than tfe is, so it will allow oxygen to attack
    the wire, even though it is sheathed. TFE allows NO oxygen into the wire
    via the sheath, so it has a long shelf life regardless of the wire type

    So, TPC and SPC are true plated wire assemblies, and "pre-tinned wire"
    is a cheap way for a manufacturer to cut costs and give a cheaper product
    as well.

    Pre-tinned wire is MORE susceptible to fracture due to flexing of the
    wire as it is actually a single strand as a result of the way it is made.
    TPC and SPC are true stranded designs and allow flexure without work
    hardening the copper inside.

    Essentially pre-tinned wire sucks and is a lame choice for ANYONE
    trying to build a nice piece of equipment. The difference in cost is not
    enough to say that economizing by using it yields any benefit other than
    to expose the designer as a cheap, stupid bastard, at best.
  4. Bob Larter

    Bob Larter Guest

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  5. Bob Larter

    Bob Larter Guest


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  9. Bob Larter

    Bob Larter Guest

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  10. Bob Larter

    Bob Larter Guest

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  11. Steve Terry

    Steve Terry Guest

    I polished the roller coaster ATU in my 62 set with Brasso many years ago,
    but i think that was solid silver wire?
    My concern was to get a low resistance contact with the pick up wheel,
    rather than any surface effect.

    Steve Terry
  12. krw

    krw Guest

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