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What is the frequency (range) used in domestic microwave ovens?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Guest, Nov 30, 2004.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    What is the frequency (range) used in domestic microwave ovens?

    Do all ovens use the same frequency?

    Is this frequency related with the chemical properties of H2O?
  2. Caliban

    Caliban Guest

  3. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** 2.45 GHz = 2,450,000,000 Hz

    ** Yes - by law.

    ** It is close to the frequency of the fundamental, torsional vibration
    mode of a H2O molecule.

    Bit like feeding belly dancers on Ecstasy with 120 beats per
    ute -;)

    ................ Phil
  4. Fred Ferd.

    Fred Ferd. Guest

    yes, otherwise they would interfere with licenses spectrum.

    yes, its close to it.

    802.11b and g are on the same part of the spectrum, so operating a microwave
    can interfere with your wireless network.
  5. About 2.4 GigaHertz ie 2,400,000,000 cycles/sec
    Its the frequency of the H-O bond.

    A few points to note:

    - this is also the same frequency band as wifi equipment. Wifi uses about
    0.1 watts, and microwave ovens are generally >500 watts.
    - it works ysing a vacuum tube called a msgnetron
    - sci.chem gets regular questions about the "frequency" of atoms. These ALL
    come from new age astrologers/crystal worshipers who think crystals have
    magic properties.

  6. bin

    bin Guest

    2.4 gigs is one of the water bands ( a couple of them), where attenuation of
    signal is great... hence the heating effect.

    The band was basically unused because of this (signal dropouts when it
    rains) so was made part of the ISM band which regulators made free for use
    (no licencing fees). Microwaves of course use it but now all these new
    wireless devices are using it cause its free, however it still heats water.

    Think about that when you are using your new cooking your head with your new
    UMTS cordless phone, and then think about the stink that was made about
    mobiles which dont operate in the water band... and hence dont cook nearly
    as well

  7. TonyP

    TonyP Guest

    This is true, but neglects the large difference in radiated power. Cordless
    phones have a very short range compared to cellular phones.
    It would be interesting to measure the actual heating effects of each
    The studies so far on cell phones are inconclusive simply because we don't
    know the long term effects yet. Cigarettes were considered safe for a couple
    of centuries, asbestos, lead, mercury and radioactive materials too. I'm
    betting we know of any statistical effects for cordless phones a lot sooner.
    Teenagers are good guinea pigs with high usage of both mobile and cordless

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