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What is smallest DMM i can buy ?

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Nutty Professor, Nov 27, 2005.

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  1. Hi all

    I am looking to purchase a tiny/ very small Digital multimeter for the staff
    at work.
    One that can be put in a shirt pocket and is compact, ie light in weight.

    Is there anything out there on the market that you know of.

    I have seen miniturazation of many electronic products but have yet to see
    minitaure measureing equipment, any reasons why?

    Thanks in advance for any feedaback.

    Nutty Professor
  2. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    Radio Shack has their Catalog #: 22-820 that is pocket-sized. I've
    carried one like it (probably the same guts in a different plastic case)
    for years in the laptop bag as a "just in case" tool. Similar ones are
    also out there, like

    As to size, generally you'll want the test equipment to be heavier than
    the test leads. Worse, the small ones also typically have short leads so
    they tend to get dragged around the workbench by the leads if you're not
    careful. More, the leads are also "permanently" mounted, instead of with
    banana jacks, so swapping, e.g., the ground lead for a clip-type is

    Even though I have a couple of the tiny ones (good enough for "did that
    relay really shut?" tasks) I usually use a "regular size" DMM. The
    larger ones also have correspondingly larger displays and battery

    Recommend getting a couple of the "regular" meters for the staff,
    instead. There are lots of good second-tier DMMs that are quite
    inexpensive and fine for most jobs. Check out Meterman, Wavetek, B&K,
    Extech; bunch of others. Heck, it's almost Xmas -- get 'm a couple
    Fluke 87s.
  3. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    You do *not* want to buy "pen-sized" or pocket-sized DMMs, as they
    will vaporize in less than a week.
    That is a chunk of money that serves no purpose in the work environment.
    Now, if you have a lot of money to blow, you could buy !two! for
    EVERYONE in the company (include the janitors, guards, secretaries,
    etc); tell them one is for *them* to take home, and the other is to be
    kept at work.
    Make them sign for them with the paperwork stating that they will
    *pay* for the company replacement at company price, at any time it is
    discovered that they do not have one *at work*.
    This way, there are absolutely no excuses; they already have one to
    drool over at home or sleep with or stomp on.
    The other one is signed for and covered under a legal contract: if
    gone, pay!
    Do random, **truly** un-announced searches.
    Take full retail cost of replacenment out of their pay.
    *NO* exceptions - not Chairmen of the Board, not the CEO, CFO, etc &
    Why do i emphasize that?
    Open the door a crack, and any leagle beagle can blast it off the hinges.
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