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What is Neodymium magnets Made of?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by qiyang, Nov 2, 2010.

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  1. qiyang


    Nov 2, 2010
    Neodymium magnets are a composite of boron and iron. It is also referred to as NIB, NdFeB and Neo. Another interesting fact about neodymium magnets is that it has powerful magnetic properties and it has superior resistance to demagnetization. Most magnets are not as strong and it’s magnet properties remain well-preserved for several years. If you take a collection of magnetic products, it will deliver the most powerful magnetic energies of any material available.
    In the 21st century, neodymium magnets are used in several applications in technology such as the following:
    • alarms
    • guitar pickups
    • jewelry clasps
    • children’s toy sets
    • computer hard disks
    • electrical power steering
    • headphones
    • loudspeakers, etc.
    In addition, neodymium magnets are often used in MRI machines within the health industry.
    Neodymium magnets are basically produced in two forms - bonded magnet process and sintered (powdered). According to statistics, around 5500 tons of bonded magnets and around 50,000 tons of sintered magnets are produced annually.
    As you’ve probably noticed from the list above, neodymium magnets are used in mechanics and it is also portable. Best of all, it is inexpensive. You can find this magnet in neodymium ring magnets and neodymium disc magnets. There is only one drawback, it is can be corrosive.
    In high temperatures it can actually catch on fire. It works best in lower temperatures. It is important to note that neodymium magnets can snap your finger if you’re not cautious. Neodymium magnets should be handled with care.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2010
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