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What is currently the best A/D simulation software?

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Franklin, Apr 9, 2005.

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  1. Franklin

    Franklin Guest

    Thanks in advance for any info.

  2. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    Best free? Best at any price? (Got a Cray in the basement?) Best for
    hobby use? Best for 90 nm silicon layout?
  3. Franklin

    Franklin Guest

    Op Sat, 09 Apr 2005 13:22:56 GMT schreef Rich Webb:
    Let's make two distinctions:

    a. Best for hobby use at a reasonable price, say US $ 300.
    b. Best for professional use (without taking price in account).

  4. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    LTSPice from Linear is free and well thought of around the newsgroup.

    In the low price range, I've been using BeigeBag for years (since they
    were selling it on 3.5" floppies in real brown paper bags). They've
    recently done a re-write to the codebase for their V5 release and, while
    there still are a few rough edges left from the move, it's a good
    product. Interoperates with Eagle CAD.

    Can't help you on the very high end stuff, tho.
  5. "Best" never exists. What are you trying to do?

    Kevin Aylward
    SuperSpice, a very affordable Mixed-Mode
    Windows Simulator with Schematic Capture,
    Waveform Display, FFT's and Filter Design.
  6. Leon Heller

    Leon Heller Guest

    SIMetrix SPICE has a good reputation. It's included with the Pulsonix ECAD
    software I use.

  7. EN

    EN Guest

    Here's one for RF & Microwave , AppCAD Version 3.0.2

    gerbtool.exe ,

    linesim.exe , ,

    Impedance calculator / PCB stackup SB8000 combined package
    for multi-layer boards ,
  8. What exactly do you mean by A/D?
  9. Franklin

    Franklin Guest

    Op Sun, 10 Apr 2005 17:16:50 -0400 schreef Charles Schuler:

  10. OK, and do you intend to simulate A to D converters or are you looking for
    general purpose simulation software? The best deal out there for general
    purpose software is LT Spice (aka SwitcherCad) as it is free and works well.
    You can't go wrong trying it.
  11. Itai Frenkel

    Itai Frenkel Guest

    If you are willing to purchase a high-end tool for IC design, I would
    suggest Ansoft Nexxim.
    Its new algorithms are about 5 times faster than current tools on the
    For example, if you are simulating a PLL netlist for 4 days, you can
    get the same transistor-level accurate results in less than a day. The
    same holds for difficult simulations that include post-layout

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