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What Is 'Approximate' for Adv Purposes?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Watson A.Name - \Watt Sun, the Dark Remover\, Apr 27, 2004.

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  1. I stopped by a 99 cent store to grab some wire ties, and I also grabbed
    a box of "BOLTS & NUTS 300 PCS APPROX" also for 99 cents, mainly because
    I wanted the compartmented box itself, not the hardware.

    I got home and popped open the lid, and said, No way! That sure doesn't
    look like 300 pieces! I counted 126 pieces in all, which is
    considerably less than 300!

    So what does approxzimate mean, for advertising purposes? Should one
    consider the tolerance + or - 10 percent? 20 percent? 50 percent? In
    this case, even at 50 percent, 126 pieces fails the test, since it's
    less than half of 300. Where does one draw the line and determine that
    it's a flagrant violation of advertising?

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  2. Bill

    Bill Guest

    No way 126 is about 300 pieces, unless they were very large or something.

  3. I'd say anything between roughly 250 and 350 would be "approximately
    300". Maybe that's why they were in the 99-cent store- they were
    incorrectly marked back in China, hence became a liquidation lot.

    I paid about $7 US for a nicely organized 25-drawer box of hardware
    with 1,100 pieces (claimed, no I didn't bother counting them) and
    thought that was an okay deal, which works out to 156 pieces for 99

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  4. Guest

    If the description was written by a politician, ANY number in the box
    would be deemed acceptable. Remember "It all depends upon your meaning
    of the word ALONE?" Sorry, I just had to throw that out there.:)
  5. something.

    W-w-w-hat?? What's size got to do with it???

    (Contrary to the claims of those neverending spams for v!agra,
    and now later, c!alis..)
  6. Dave VanHorn

    Dave VanHorn Guest

    I wouldn't feel comfortable giving you a box with LESS than 300 pieces, if I
    was offering it like that..

    They obviously intend for you to think that you're getting 300 pieces, maybe
  7. Mjolinor

    Mjolinor Guest

    You need to go back and buy another 100 boxes. The variation should be
    (based on the current sample) between 126 and 474 with a reasonable
    gaussian? distribution for it to be correct I suppose.
  8. I'm pretty sure no court would consider 126 to be "approximately 300." The
    Federal Trade Commission probably has rules, and there is also the tradition
    of common law and precedent.

    If I were you, I'd go back to the store, see if the problem is reproducible,
    and if so, advise the store manager to mark out "300 pcs approx" on every
  9. That is a distinct possibility.
  10. No, you're thinking of "average." The label said "approx." which implies
    that *every* value is close to 300, not just the average of the values.

    Whether this is a big legal liability depends mainly on whether the
    customers in the store could see that the label is incorrect.
  11. Well, there were about a hundred more boxes sitting on the shelf,
    leading to the conclusion that they're obviously not the most popular
    item. So anyone want to contribute a buck to find out?? I go into the
    store every so often, I'll have to mention this to the owner.
  12. Mjolinor

    Mjolinor Guest

    I am trying to decide if their definition of "approx" is within the range
    specified. If so then my first post is true. I'll concede half a point
    though :)
  13. In Spehro Pefhany typed:
    Or it works out to $7 for a nice cabinet.
  14. Ban

    Ban Guest

    Since you wanted mainly the box, what does it matter? Will you put another
    LED-array into it? Or do you just want to store all those cheap LEDs you got
    at EBay? Then the less parts the better, you could buy 2 boxes and put all
    the screws in one and have the other free for the led storage.
  15. "Watson A.Name - \"Watt Sun, the Dark Remover\""
    No it's not, 126 base 10 is 330 base 6, so you got 30 base 6 (18 base
    10) more parts than you paid for. Please take the extra parts back
    and complain. 8*)

    Did you count the top and bottom of the box separately, and any
    dividers, stickers, wrapping, etc?

  16. Tim Williams

    Tim Williams Guest

    Not to mention what "is" is :p

  17. Tim Williams

    Tim Williams Guest

    He just wants to be an asshole. :p Er, I mean, uh, curmudgeon.

  18. Do I detect a just a taste of sarcasm here? I saw an intertesting
    travel documentary on Italy last night, talked about how the citizens of
    Venice built their city out on the water to get away from the
    barbarians. Hmmm..

    Seems like the cheap LEDs are getting used u[p rather quickly because of
    their premature death rate. I probably won't need to store many of those.

    The Polyethylene plastic is difficult to glue things to, so it's a poor
    prospect for a battery case. I recently took a piece of solid oak and
    hollowed it out, and I'm proceeding to install a simple blocking osc
    inverter in it, two LEDs, and one AA cell. It's just one of those
    weekend projects that I've managed to get into and possibly never out
    of. ;-)
    Actually there's enough room in one box to consolidate five or six more
    into it. Hmmm... I need some more boxes for small parts storage.
    Also, these damn nuts & bolts are metric, and you just know how much we
    Americans hate those metric screws. ;-)
  19. mike

    mike Guest

    Take a scale and weigh a bunch of 'em. The difference between 126 and
    300 should be readily apparent.
    99cent stores are fun. Read the labels. On those items that actually
    meet labeling requirements, you'll find the concentrations of active
    ingredients is way less than you'd expect from a "normal" brand...
    for those that actually have active ingredients. What's
    normally a 16 oz bottle is only 13oz.

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  20. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    I's like when you go to Walgreens and need a small spray bottle.
    Empty, it costs $1.99, but full of some crap you don't need, it's 99

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