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what is a covered switch actually called?

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Veggie, Dec 10, 2003.

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  1. Veggie

    Veggie Guest

    I'm looking for switches with a protective covers over them. I need the
    covers to keep people from accidentally energizing the switches.

    Does anyone know what the real name of covered switches is? I need a
    covered N.O. pushbutton and a covered rocker switch. I've tried search
    engines for covered pushbutton, etc. but get too much trash in the
    search. Better yet, if you know of a good place to get these... ;)

  2. default

    default Guest

    Doomsday switch covers? No, I don't know.

    Search for: rocket + "switch covers" and you'd be amazed at what's

    The model rocketry folk still use them and know where to get them.
  3. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    C&K Switches (who seem to now be C&K Newton) make these, though I can't find
    a convenient link for you. See if you can rustle up a local (to you)
    distributor). I think it was just a covered or protected switch (too long
    since I used them).

    Tyco Electronics also may have them:


  4. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

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