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What if solid state engine was invented

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by admformeto, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. admformeto

    admformeto Guest

    Solid state engine capable of taking a mass to and back the Moon has been

    It makes any vehicle, flying craft or submarine an obsolete.

    People would simply levitate from source to destination without touching the
    ground which makes roads and walking paths obsolete.

    Powered by solar rechargeable battery means that humans or crafts could
    levitate endlessly.

    Space travel would permit endless journey trough the Universe.

    No power limit means that entire buildings could levitate or travel around
    the Earth or trough the Universe.

    Should the inventor sell it to the highest bidder or release to the public
    on global scale?

  2. What are they on and where can we get some of it?

    Many thanks,

    Don Lancaster voice phone: (928)428-4073
    Synergetics 3860 West First Street Box 809 Thatcher, AZ 85552
    rss: email:

    Please visit my GURU's LAIR web site at
  3. Les Cargill

    Les Cargill Guest

  4. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    SO, where do I sign up?

  5. amdx

    amdx Guest

    There is a difference;
    Fantasies are available when desired!
    Reality, you usually need to wait and/or work at it.

  6. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Yes, you've notice that too? ;)

  7. Les Cargill

    Les Cargill Guest

    My pet unicorn agrees with you.
  8. Les Cargill

    Les Cargill Guest

    It was the '80s. You had to be there.
  9. PeterD

    PeterD Guest

    Nope, the government has the 'right' to impound any invention that they
    deem to be not in the country's best interest. The minute you apply for
    a patent it gets reviewed with that in mind, and if they decide they
    want it, some people in black suits, driving black GM SUVs will come
    knocking at your door.
  10. admformeto

    admformeto Guest

    This may be unique to USA and some other countries but in Germany there is
    no such law.
  11. admformeto

    admformeto Guest

    No, I am not looking for investors and if such was invented it would be
    May be if small license was sold to every country in the World then that
    would prevent it from military abuse.

  12. Mark Zenier

    Mark Zenier Guest

    Nope. They can put a national security hold on a patent. Happened to
    some guys here (Seattle) in the '70s who came up with a telephone voice
    scrambler good enough to upset the Feds. I think it happened to one of
    the early LASER patents, too.

    No IP, no investors. No investors, no business...

    Mark Zenier
    Googleproofaddress(account:mzenier provider:eskimo domain:com)
  13. Martin Brown

    Martin Brown Guest

    They are called "Magic carpets" and widely available in Persia ;-)
  14. Gib Bogle

    Gib Bogle Guest

    That's widely available in Afghanistan.
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