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What happened to Sunball?

Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by Robert La Ferla, Dec 15, 2005.

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  1. If you try opening,

    you get this message:

    "Account for domain has been suspended"

    Was this a scam or did they just neglect their web site?
  2. wmbjk

    wmbjk Guest

  3. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

  4. Guest

    Are you saying that the new ISP he's moving to is not a good thing, that
    there was nothing wrong with the old one, or that it seems to be a poor
    business practice to make a haphazard change, leaving his web site
    unusable for some unknown duration?

    I wouldn't know about the quality of the new ISP.

    I did notice that the old ISP was flaky. The movies would play or not play
    at different times, maybe due to overload shortly after a mention in this

    It would be desirable to make a seamless switch, with both sites up, and
    then toggle the DNS, but I suppose bad things happen in ISP land.

    Having the web site unavailable is a bad thing, but I don't see it as
    a step in the wrong direction. Maybe you are seeing bad business practice
    with the ISP as a portender of other ills?
  5. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    Yahoo groups isn't an isp, it's a sometimes flaky and policy switching
    message board. Does not bring legitimacy to a business concern.
  6. Guest

    Oh, that! Okay.

    On the Yahoo message board, it says that he is switching ISPs for his web
    site. That isn't going smoothly, apparently.

    I presume that he will his web site back on line soon, and I don't think
    there was any intent by that poster to indicate that "yahoo" was his new
    ISP, just that the yahoo group contained mention of the switchover.

    As to whether a yahoo group is a decent message board, or if discussions
    should be hosted on one's own site, I don't know. I prefer usenet to
    either. I would prefer Yahoo to avoid having multiple message interfaces
    for my various interests, if usenet disappeared.
  7. wmbjk

    wmbjk Guest

    Yeah, but it's a less incredulous audience. ;-) Check this out:

    "SunBall product demand projections have gone through the roof. I have
    started to work with my supply partners to establish a growth path to
    build an initial production facility here in Adelaide with a monthly
    capacity of 100,000 1m2 SunBalls or ~33MW per month."

    Now, an *initial* facility producing 5000 Sunballs per normal workday
    may sound slightly ambitious, but if they go to 3 shifts 24-7 then
    they'll have nearly 26 seconds to lavish on each Sunball's
    construction. I'm thinking that Yakkity Sax will be playing so loud
    they'll be able to hear it in New Zealand. :)

    Sunball still has a web presence here, which has my
    favorite photo I can't
    decide if it looks more like a solar cooker or a frying pan. Kinda'
    like Usenet from his point of view. :)

  8. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    ah, I see, I misunderstood, as I did not go to the yahoo group to get
    the "details".
  9. Landline

    Landline Guest

    I am still looking forward to some NATA authority doing a real world
    performance check on these.
    The amount of silicone and the power claims did not appear to equate all
    that well.

    Production numbers of that magnitude would never be achievable in Adelaide,
    South Australia. You can equate Adelaidians with those from Minnesota - fly
    over country, where you fly over to somewhere else substantially better.
    The figures are dream time production stuff, that would not be achievable
    anywhere in the world.
  10. Lectron_Nuis

    Lectron_Nuis Guest

    "Landline" <>, HAS blest us all with:

    [ Please quote properly and do not top-post; quote the
    part you respond to, attribute the quote, then put your
    response underneath. Cut all that you don't directly
    respond to.
    ...get in the queue LL,, there are a number of queries well in front of you, btw.
    ....the "ticket door" has closed temporarily due to "smoldering...internally"
    Greg is currently supping on the TNI accolades, most likely he will "come on
    down" when Snipe & Basset forward his return for the first quarter of 2006..mebe
    .....give the guy a IS Adelaide..Home of the Garage MaryJ Farm.
    Like Bullpit says ...he's Dreamin' :->>
    Let him Dream.....

    Peace Bro <g>

  11. Guest

    Silicone? :)

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