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What ever happened to service manuals?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Fred, Aug 8, 2004.

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  1. California has consumer lemon laws that require the makers to supply
    repair parts for 3 or 7 years, depending on the cost of the appliance.
    Trouble is, the makers keep one part in some warehouse somewhere, to
    meet the legal requirements, and then price it so high that it's more
    expensive than buying a replacement appliance!

    Like, I'm gonna pay $200 for a replacement flyback transformer, when the
    monitor was only a hundred and fifty new? Come ON! >:-(
  2. I have had very good luck locating specialist remote control vendors on the
    Web. I think one of them is called Mr. Remote.
  3. Ed Price

    Ed Price Guest

    You're welcome!

    Typical self-centered, argumentative Usenet analysis by an anonymous user.
    You find the comments academic, pointless and boring because they do not
    support your prejudices and you cannot comprehend them.

    And yes, your camera is still broken.

  4. Ed Price

    Ed Price Guest

    And I'm sure you're worth it!
    Actually, look on this as a golden opportunity to learn something about
    repair, and yourself.
    Your camera is broken now, how much worse can you make it?

  5. geo73

    geo73 Guest

    Really worse:)
    Try the phrase: <wash the board>
    the next post will be
    OK in the washing mashine at ? degrees??????
  6. Fred

    Fred Guest

    Hyuk... hyuk.... TOUCHE!!!!! B:^)
    (You guys are a fun group, I'll have to say! Email is so easily
    misunderstood, I have to start putting smiley in to be sure no one is
    insulted -- not the intention, by the way.

    Actually, you're absolutely right about the opportunity. Since Olympus will
    fix anything for $150, I might as well root around in there and see what I
    can find. From talking to others the best guess right now is it's in the
    power circuitry. I'll post what I learn.
  7. Fred

    Fred Guest

    Actually I'm trying to get my camera fixed -- not that interested in
    POINTLESS COMMENTARY on this and that. Some folks have been great help, and
    others, less than helpful.
  8. Fred

    Fred Guest

    Thanks. I'll check those diodes. I know that the batteries aren't being
    drained in this case, though, because the "dead batt" warning comes on upon
    the first attempt to take a photo. Then, if I remove those batteries and
    put them in a flashlight, they work like new.
    Good thing these ladies don't work at the local nuclear reactor, eh.
  9. Fred

    Fred Guest

    Yep, the fellow who wrote about the Greenies was on to something. They
    should give up the "legalize dope" campaigns and push the repair/recycle
  10. Fred

    Fred Guest

    To my ol' buddy Ed.... my original post... try to pay attention this time
    and stay on topic...
    power drainage problem. This should be a simple matter to isolate but I'm
    finding only operator/user info available. None of the camera repair shops
    in the LA area even work on this model bcause they have no documentation
    from Olympus. I have taken the camera completely apart (yes, and back
    together) and it is very simple to do, but not seeing anything obvious, like
    burned points, bad contacts, etc., I can't do much else until I know the
    test points, etc.
  11. You might also try the appropriate newsgroup in, since
    specific experience with similar cameras is going to be more relevant than
    general electronics. Some of the people over there are quite technically
  12. gothika

    gothika Guest

    Does the camera have any sort of memory functions?
    Ones that'd keep memory chips or whatever hot even when the camera is
    turned off?
    I've serviced some of the later model electronic film cameras that
    have just such and will suck the batteries dry over a relatively
    short period with the camera in off mode.(All for the sake of
    retaining certain mode or exposure settings.)
    If you've had the camera apart look and see what it'd take to run a
    couple of wires and mount an external power jack to the outside of the
    camera body.
    You could then use an external battery pack with an on/off switch to
    conserve batteries.(You could also mount a small slide switch on the
    camera body wired to the main power leads from the battery thus
    disabling whatever is draining the batteries.)
    I've found that with an external battery pack my digital cameras go
    for hundreds of shots with full flash power and none of the
    degradation of image quality one gets when the internal batteries
    start going down.
  13. SHHHH!! Don't talk about that!

    By the looks of this, they already do! (Or did!)

    Local? You might think you're glad that you live a long ways away from
    Cincinnati. But statistically, Chernobyl raised the incidence of cancer
    of the thyroid over the whole world. :-(
  14. "Degradation of image quality one gets when the internal batteries
    start going down?" Sounds like those are really poor quality cameras.

    I would keep away from slide switches. They are too easily switched on
    by brushing against something. And nowadays, cameras as wo small it
    would be difficult to fit one into it.

    But external battery packs are very helpful.
  15. Mike

    Mike Guest

    That's a nasty cough you've got there :)
  16. Fred

    Fred Guest

    I did that first. They ain't much help.
  17. Fred

    Fred Guest

    Many thanks, Gothika, for the tips!
  18. Fred

    Fred Guest

    OK. That's enough complaining and carrying on, you knuckleheads...

    Let's get back to the original subject...

    Anybody know where I can get service documentation on the Olympus C-700
    digital camera? Olympus does not supply this to the general public OR
    service techs.

    Anyone? Hello?
  19. If they don't supply it to the public or to repair techs, I don't know who
    else would possibly have it - a defector from Olympus Service, or their
    Chinese vendor?

    Mark Z.
  20. Let's get back to the original subject...
    I'd try 2 things:

    (1),, and some other well-known Olympus
    experts on the Web;

    (2) posting a thread titled "Olympus C-700 Service Manual Wanted" and not
    trying to use the long-defunct groups "news.electronics" and
    "," which are still in the list of newsgroups for
    this thread and are limiting its distribution.

    The reason this thread turned into a general discussion of industry
    practices is that that's how it's titled.
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