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What Does Your Workarea Look Like?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Too_Many_Tools, Jul 7, 2007.

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  1. I have always liked seeing other people's can learn
    alot as to how they are arranged, the tools and test equipment being
    used and how small parts are stored. Layouts of benches, seating,
    lighting and power always seem to be customized in a manner that are

    Care to describe your workspace to us?

    Links to pictures and descriptions of why you laid it out the way you
    did would be great.


  2. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    Did you mean Workarrhoea ?
  3. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    I think that "why you laid it out that way" is a bit more like why it
    started out that way. How it is now, is the way it evolved as the junk built
    up, and the bench space diminished until only the important areas like
    'coffee cup station', remain ...

  4. me

    me Guest

    Hey, no fair peeking!
  5. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    Just a buncha shit laying all over the place., Tek scope, Leader Audio
    generator, Sencore vari ac, Fluke bench and hand held meters, various
    other test crap, parts bins.
  6. msg

    msg Guest

    Indeed, I hope folks do respond to this request and post photos; I
    too am always seeking layout and storage ideas and especially creative
    solutions to small-space issues.


  7. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    Hint for increasing storage space.
    For doubling the storage capacity of an existing
    wall of steel cased,plastic drawered component
    storage cabinets.
    Obtain some extruded aluminium channel sliding
    door gear used in domestic clothes cupboards etc.
    Fix the runners to the top of the cabinet/
    cabinets.Fix channel to ceiling joists/stout shelf in
    front of and above(to avoid fouling top layer
    of drawers) the existing wall mounted cabinets.
    Fix a couple of PTFE slabs to base/rear to run
    against a sheet of wood or metal fixed under
    the existing units.Cabinets can be doubled
    up,pop-rivetted together vertically with bridging
    plates across the joins.

    Sometime I must put in 20 or so power
    sockets around the work bench to rid
    some of the workarrhoea of tangled
    cables from using only a single 6 way ganged outlet strip.
  8. John

    John Guest

    The basement bench looks better since the older daughter's
    mother-in-law had her kitchen remodeled and I got some wall cabinets
    to organize parts (read: hide the junk)

    Tools (30 year accumulation): Fluke 77 DVM (received as a "test and
    report" item and was never asked to return it), small $4 DVM for quick
    checks, Tektronics 545 scope (hand-me-down - but it still works),
    Heath voltage/current regulated DC supply (hand-me-down), Variac (gift
    from a friend), adjustable temp soldering station, Dremel tool with
    many bits, Heath audio generator, cheapie kit square/triangle wave
    generator, bench drill press, utility knife, miscellaneous files

    Assorted parts cabinets: 1/4w resistors, 1/2w resistors,
    non-electrolytic capacitors, logic chips, microcontrollers (mostly
    PICAXEs) and accessories (protoboards, sensors, LCD displays, etc)

    My amateur radio hobby has been relegated to a far distant back
    burner, somewhere behind time with the grandkids
    ( ), microcontroller
    projects ( ) and PDA software
    development ( )

  9. Puckdropper

    Puckdropper Guest

    I've often said that mousepads aren't there to improve the tracking of
    the mouse, they're there to reserve space for it! (s/mousepad/coffee cup
    station/, s/mouse/coffee cup/)

  10. We got half a dozen Rubbermaid roll-around carts some years ago and they're
    great. Makes big items easy to move and/or work on. They even have little
    troughs for holding loose hardware. The edges of the work surface have a
    slight dip at the edge, to make it harder for things to roll off onto the

    We use Sencore capacitor testers a lot, but there are times when we don't.
    We bought some old Tektronix roll-around oscilloscope carts at a hamfest and
    strapped the Sencores to them. Roll 'em up to the bench when you've got
    caps to test, put 'em back in the garage when you're finished.
  11. AJ

    AJ Guest

    A canvas tool/tote bag from SEARS, A large cardboard carton (Logo states a
    ream of printer paper was in it at one time), and a 5 year old company
    supplied E-150 with well over a centruy on the clock.
    Work area is where the product is located, hard wood floors, cement
    basement, deep plush carpet, or any conbination of the above. The company
    (C/C) believes in 'ensitu' service for the end consumer; i.e. no local
    service facilities with stationary work benches, equipment carts, or even
    parts bays.
    The vehicle has a meodorce assortment of replacment parts and generic
    components. Supplied items include a 2.5 year old laptop with a 40gig hd
    that houses our communications, VPN, Part Handling, Scheduling, and Service
    Literature. Needless to say, many times the first call is diagnostics and
    triosh only. After diagnostics, parts are ordered with a necessary 4-6 day
    wait for them to be delivered, then to have the call rescheduled.
    Dispatch is located 1100 miles away in another time zone, ocassionally there
    is a language or scheduling problem that arises, especially when the
    dispatched technician finds out, upon arrival, the product is in a location
    or mounted in a way that it can not be accessed.
    Technicians must procure their own service related tools, however meters,
    scopes, generators, etc are company supplied.
    There are days one longs for a stationary work bench with all the ammenities
    but then reality sets in. We would miss the dog doo in the front yard, the
    dead mouse smashed under the DLP Stand, and of course the scurrying of all
    the nice little critters towards your tool pouch when they are exposed to
    daylight once the back panel has been removed. Then to graciously exit the
    facility without insulting the customer because of the conditions thay
    aparently care to live in.
    Cheers BTW currently over 4 decades playin with teles in many many
    differing configurations and conditions. Quit? no, just adjust the
    horizontal hold and turn out the lights. A/J
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