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What does Agilent mean with "IF Phase Ripple"

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by [email protected], Feb 25, 2007.

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    I am working as a measuring engineer calibrating measuring equipment
    like spectrum analyzers.
    Now have I run in to some trouble when trying to calibrate option B7J,
    Digital demodulation hardware, on Agilents High-Performance Spectrum
    Analyzer E4440A

    Look at this page:

    The description reads:
    "This test is a functional test. The IF Phase Ripple is measured in
    order to meet the EVM specification listed for various Digital Comms
    personalities. In this test the source is set to output 64 tones in
    groups of 8 tones which are generated synchronously. The tones are
    measured in groups to reduce error due to noise. An algorithm is
    applied to the measurement data to determine the relative phase
    between the tones."

    Does anyone have any idea about what kind of algorithm that Agilent is
    referring to in this measurement?
    Have anybody heard about this measuring method using 64 tones to
    verify IF phase ripple?
  2. As the person that controls the server for the website, I can't
    really provide you with the technical details, but I can tell you who to
    write to. This will be the email for the manager of that group; he can
    probably then answer this question or forward it to someone that knows.
    His slightly-scrambled email is mark_catelani (-at-)

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