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What company calls themselves "dsi" ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by [email protected], Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    What is the full name (or website) of the company referred to in
    designations like 2N3055S/DSI, BD246A/DSI, IRF140/DSI, etc. used by
    component vendors?

    I believe their logo too is just "dsi" in somewhat stilized, small

  2. Tilmann Reh

    Tilmann Reh Guest

    Maybe this one? <>
    Looks like they're specialised on obsolete or hard to get discretes.

  3. Guest

    Yes, theirs is the logo I had seen. And indeed they say they are
    specializing in discrete semiconductors for which the original
    manufacturer has stopped production. But there are no data sheets.
    This leaves you wondering what you buy: A relabled compatible device
    by other manufacturers? A device made by duplicating the original
    process on different equipment? Or perhaps even a device still
    produced by the original manufacturer, but now bearing the "dsi" logo?

  4. Tilmann Reh

    Tilmann Reh Guest

    You're right, it's not clear; maybe the are storing original wafers and
    do the packaging on request (like Rochester, IIRC).

    You might get that information by calling them.

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